YAPC::Europe 2013 “Future Perl”

12–14 August 2013  |  Kiev, Ukraine

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YAPC::Europe 2013 in Kiev — “Future Perl”

YAPC::Europe 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine is the 14th edition of the largest European Perl event. The conference is dedicated to the Perl programming language and its community.

11/08/13 Day minus 1. Pre-conference stuff

Attendee's checklist


Confirm your attendance

Check agenda

See the venue

Check where who stays

Find and book a hotel

Buy a ticket

Final schedule to appear on 1 August

Speaker's checklist

Submit a talk proposal as early as you can

Talk submission deadline is 1 July

Prepare your slides

Have got a question? Ask us

Wait until your talk is accepted (not later than 15 July)

See you talk in the schedule on 1 August or even earlier

Do not buy a ticket if the talk is accepted

Check if the date and time are convenient for you

Book a hotel

Find the cheapest option for staying close to the venue.

Discounts available.

Partners Programme

Coming with a partner? Find out what they can do while you're at the conference.

No additional fees.

Places of interest

The conference also attracts attendees who are interested in agile development methods, testing, progect management, user interface design, text processing, creating compilers, and those who are following modern trends of computer languages.

People using Perl of any version, including Perl 5 and Perl 6 are welcome!

Beginners in Perl are welcome as well!

The Kiev.pm and Moscow.pm monger group and DeepText LLC are organizing the annual YAPC::Europe conference in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.



For a few years the YAPC::Europe conference includes three main days of talks and the days before and after the conference with additional activities.

This year the main conference days with talks takes place on 12–14 August. Attendance fee gives you the right to attend any talk during these three days, as well as the River Cruise in the second day.

The additional programme includes the Perl 6 hackathon. The hackaton is free of charge (Perl 6 addicts are very welcome to come).

11 August

Jonathan Worthington. The Perl 6 hackathon
Free of charge
Your real chance to contribute to Perl 6!


The pre-conference meeting
“Shareware”-free of charge

12–14 August

The main talk days
Attendance fee applies for the whole three days together

54 speakers, 62 talks, 3 talk rooms. Three sessions of Lightning talks. Larry Wall's keynote.

This is the main part of the conference. We start at 10:00 every day and continue until the evening. During the day our catering partner will serve two coffee breaks and a lunch. All that and more is included in the conference ticket.

Explore the schedule to find the talks you'd like to attend.

12 August

The Kick-off Party

Food, Drinks and Good Cheer!

Booking.com invites everyone to informal start of the conference – Booking.com Kick-off party.

It's an excellent opportunity to extend communication, to network, grab a drink, and have a good time discussing the conference.

Get ready for the joyful atmosphere!

13 August

The River Cruise
Free of charge for the attendees
+1s available for extra cost

Latest News

11/08/13 Day minus 1. Pre-conference stuff

10/08/13 Day minus 2. YAPC in the city

09/08/13 Day minus 3. Hot in the city

08/08/13 Day minus 4. Arrivals

07/08/13 Day minus 5. A brief update

06/08/13 Day minus 6. Tickets available

05/08/13 Day minus 7. We saved the world today

03/08/13 Week minus 1. Schedule

30/07/13 Week minus 2. Limited offer for students

29/07/13 Week minus 3. Make your own T-shirt

24/07/13 Week minus 4. Pre-conference meeting

19/07/13 Week minus 5. The River Cruise menu

18/07/13 Week minus 6. Catering

07/07/13 Week minus 7. Volunteers

06/07/13 Week minus 8. Defining a partner

12/06/13 Week minus 9. Talks, speakers and time

12/06/13 Week minus 10. The Perl 6 hackathon

29/05/13 Weeks minus 13 to minus 11. Keep going

08/05/13 Weeks minus 15 and 14. Lurking in the hidden schedule

25/04/13 Week minus 16. Spread the word

17/04/13 Week minus 17. Checklists

07/04/13 Week minus 18. Partners Programme

31/03/13 Week minus 19. Viewing the venue. Slide formats

28/03/13 Week minus 20. The principles behind the schedule

20/03/13 Week minus 21. Coffee breaks and lunches

13/03/13 Week minus 22. Call for venue 2014

03/03/13 Week minus 23. A brief update

27/02/13 Week minus 24. Booking a hotel and discounts

17/02/13 Week minus 25. Ceasefire

11/02/13 Week minus 26. Perl 7

02/02/13 Week minus 27. Current progress

29/01/13 Week minus 28. Lightning talks

21/01/13 Week minus 29. Call for speakers

14/01/13 Week minus 30. Call for sponsors

30/12/12 Week minus 32. First results

25/12/12 Conference dates confirmation

23/12/12 Site launched

23/12/12 Week minus 33. Countdown correction. Dates. Site

16/12/12 Week minus 35. Extra activities

09/12/12 Week minus 36. A brief update

01/12/12 Week minus 37. More ideas about extra programme

25/11/12 Week minus 38. In Kiev as a tourist

18/11/12 Week minus 39. Some ideas about the extended programme

11/11/12 Week minus 40. Announcing the Venue

04/11/12 Week minus 41. Venues

28/10/12 Week minus 42. Food

21/10/12 Week minus 43. Hotels

14/10/12 Week minus 44. Air tickets

07/10/12 Week minus 45. Future 5 vs. Future 6

30/09/12 Week minus 46. Another 2% off

23/09/12 Week minus 47. Venue Research

16/09/12 Week minus 48

09/09/12 Week minus 49

02/09/12 Week minus 50

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