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Week minus 49

09/09/12 17:07 by Andrey Shitov (‎ash‎)

Written by vti.

As I am in the org team of the next YAPC::Europe in Kiev, I have some good news for you, fellow Perlers! But first a short note about the venue. We started going to the every venue (out of 7 selected previously), meeting the people there, getting all the details we need for choosing the best one. We have prepared an extensive list of the things that must be present, so we won't forget anything. As usual, if you have any suggestions what a venue of your dream must be ping us on twitter. And now to the fun part.

So far we have contacted Damian Conway, Larry Wall and Matt S. Trout and asked if they were interested in attending Kiev. And they kindly agreed! You know these prominent members of the Perl community! Also Matt will be giving a closing talk, I am sure you loved them from the previous years.

Kiev is a great place for Perl programmers from CIS who couldn't come to previous European Perl conferences due to visa issues or the distance. A good chance meeting people we know as authors of great software and books.

This is the end of today's, minus-49-weeks-before-the-conference newsletter. See you next week. Follow us on Twitter.

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