YAPC::Europe 2013 in Kiev

YAPC::Europe 2013 “Future Perl”

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Who stands behind the conference

The Kiev.pm and Moscow.pm monger group are organizing the annual YAPC::Europe conference in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

YAPC::Europe 2013 Organisers

Principal organisers dealing with the venue, the speakers, the sponsors, the attendees, negotiating the details of the partner programme, hotel discounts, conference guest speakers, entertainment programme, catering and menues, as well as conference promotion in all the possible formats: publishing, videos, in-person etc. Contact us at mail@yapcrussia.org (in Russian, English, Ukrainian or Dutch).

Viacheslav Tykhanovskyi (vti)

Andrew Shitov (ash)

The guys helping us with initial confernece promotion and at different sparse Perl and non-Perl events.

Yaroslav Korshak (yko)

Anatoly Sharifulin (sharifulin)

Programming Committee

In March 2013, we asked another three well known persons in the Perl community to join us to help with compiling the schedule and filtering submitted talks. Contact the Programming Committee at talks@yapcrussia.org.

Alex Kapranoff (kappa)

Dmitry Karasik (McFist‎)

Ruslan Zakirov (ruz)


In June 2013, a few volonteers joind to our team. These guys will be time keepers in the three talk rooms and will be ready to help the speakers with connecting their laptops.

Evgeniy Patlan (corvin)

Vyacheslav Sarzhan (hors)

Alexander Kubrack (kubrack)

Mykola Marzhan (delgod‎)

Later in June 2013, another two volunteers—and potential organisers of the YAPC::Europe 2014—joined the conference.

Amalia Pomian

Diana Donca

Perl events in the YAPC::Russia series

Since the end of 2007 we (Moscow.pm alone or jointly with other PM-groups) have organized 32 events in 7 countries, in both the European and Asian parts of the continent:

  • Russia: Moscow (6 events), Saint Petersburg (4), Ekaterinburg (3), Rostov-on-Don, Vladivostok;
  • Ukraine: Kiev (5), the Black Sea;
  • Belarus: Minsk (2);
  • Bulgaria: Sofia (5);
  • Latvia: Riga (2);
  • Uzbekistan: Tashkent;
  • Kazakhstan: Kostanay.


  • The 14th YAPC::Europe 2011 “Future Perl”, Kiev (Ukraine), 12–14 August.
  • The Fifth Bulgarian Perl Workshop “BG Perl — 5”. Sofia (Bulgaria), 9th February.


  • The Tenth Russian Perl Workshop “Saint-Perl—4”. Saint-Petersburg (Russia). 21th December.
  • The joint conference “Perl Mova + YAPC::Russia”. Kiev (Ukraine), 12–13th May.
  • The Fourth Bulgarian Perl Workshop “BG Perl — 4”. Sofia (Bulgaria), 10th March.
  • The Ninth Russian Perl Workshop “Perlburg”. Ekaterinburg (Russia), 18th February.


  • The Eights Russian Perl Workshop “Saint-Perl—3”. Saint-Petersburg (Russia). 18th December.
  • The Perl Workshop on the Black Sea “Black Perl”, Ukraine, 30th September – 2nd October.
  • The 12th YAPC::Europe 2011 “Modern Perl”, Riga (Latvia), 15–17 August.
  • The Forth YAPC::Russia “May Perl — 4”, Moscow (Russia), 14–15 May.
  • The Third Bulgarian Perl Workshop “BG Perl — 3”. Sofia (Bulgaria), 26th February.
  • The Seventh Russian Perl Workshop “Perlburg”. Ekaterinburg (Russia), 2nd April.


  • The Sixth Russian Perl Workshop “Saint-Perl—2”. Saint-Petersburg (Russia). 18th December.
  • The joint conference “Perl Mova + YAPC::Russia”. Kiev (Ukraine), 12–14th June.
  • The Perl branch of DevConf conference, Moscow (Russia), 17–18th May.
  • The Perl branch of RIT++ conference, Moscow (Russia), 12–14th April.
  • The Fifth Russian Perl Workshop “Perlburg”. Ekaterinburg (Russia), 20th February.
  • The Second Bulgarian Perl Workshop “BG Perl — 2”. Sofia (Bulgaria), 30th January.


  • The Fourth Russian Perl Workshop “Saint-Perl”. Saint-Petersburg (Russia). 18th December.
  • The First Kazakh Perl Workshop, Kostanay (Kazakhstan), 28th November.
  • The Baltic Perl Workshop. Riga (Latvia), 21st November.
  • The Second Belarusian Perl Workshop “BY Perl Too”. Minsk (Belarus), 17th October.
  • The Second YAPC::Russia “May Perl — 2”. Moscow (Russia), 16–17th May.
  • The First Uzbek Perl Workshop “Perl Tashkent” (“Camel Perl”). Tashkent (Uzbekistan), 13th May.
  • The Second Ukrainian Perl Workshop “Perl Mova — 2”. Kiev (Ukraine), 7th March.
  • The First Bulgarian Perl Workshop “BG Perl”. Sofia (Bulgaria), 31th January.


  • The Third Russian Perl Workshop “South Perl”. Rostov-on-Don (Russia), 2nd November.
  • The First Belarusian Perl Workshop “BY Perl”. Minsk (Belarus), 18th October.
  • The Second Russian Perl Workshop “Far East Perl”. Vladivostok (Russia), 26th September.
  • The First YAPC::Russia “May Perl”. Moscow (Russia), 17–18th May.
  • The First Ukrainian Perl Workshop “Perl Mova”. Kiev (Ukraine), 23th March.


  • The First Russian Perl Workshop “Perl Today”. Moscow (Russia), 26th October.

Perl 6 involvement

Both Moscow.pm and DeepText LLC are fond of Perl 6 and help its development. We published a series of interviews with Perl 6 developers, both translated and taken exclusively. We held a Perl 6 hack meet during Perl Mova + YAPC::Russia conference in Kiev in 2010. Rakudo Perl 6 releases #28 and #30 were named after Moscow and Kiev respectively.

Moscow.pm essentials

The Moscow.pm Perl mongers group has been active since November 2007, and has grown from 2 people to 250+ members. The Moscow.pm group meets offline every one or two months.

The creation of Moscow.pm resulted in the formation of several new groups after that first workshop in Moscow.

DeepText LLC

DeepText company was established in 2007 to help organizing Perl events in Russia and neighbouring countries. The company stands behind every event mentioned earlier in the list of our events.

The company has sponsored Jonathan Worthington's work on multiple dispatch in Perl 6 and brian d foy’s visit to YAPC::Russia in 2009.

We also helped Tim Bunce, Carl Mäsak, Jonathan Worthington and Marian Marinov to be invited as guest speakers to larger IT conferences happened in Moscow in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

It also helps to deliver to Russian speaking audience the latest information on Perl 6 and interviews with people closely related with its development on perl6.ru and onperl.ru sites.

YAPC::TV is our project containing video recordings of Perl talks.