YAPC::Europe 2013 in Kiev

YAPC::Europe 2013 “Future Perl”

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Sponsorship Proposal

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We would also appreciate your help with your online donation.

The YAPC::Europe 2013 conference, which we will host in Kiev, on 12-14 August 2013. The conference is dedicated to the Perl programming language and its community.

The conference also attracts attendees who are interested in agile development methods, testing, project management, user interface design, text processing, creating compilers, and those who are following modern trends of computer languages.

We are glad to propose you becoming a sponsor of our conference.

The companies becoming a sponsor always attract the attendees as a potential employer. It also works for the long term; the logotypes and company names become more recognizable and more Perl-friendly if they were seen at the Perl language conference.

This proposal contains information about the conference itself and lists advantages and possibilities for the sponsors.

The YAPC::Europe Conference

YAPC::Europe is the largest annual European conference and is hosted in a different city every year. It is aimed toward programmers, companies and freelancers who use the Perl programming language. The conference provides attendees with a deeper understanding of Perl, its philosophy, and the opportunity to learn the latest features and techniques.

YAPCs (Yet Another Perl Conferences) have been held since 1999 and now include: YAPC::NA (North America), YAPC::Asia, YAPC::Brasil, YAPC::Russia and YAPC::Europe. Despite their obvious primary geographical structure, people from around the world attend each conference.

The European conference, YAPC::Europe, moves between European countries. In 2013 the conference moves to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

There are usually 300 to 400 attendees at YAPC::Europe, with 60–80 speakers. The speakers include those who are responsible for the design, implementation, and maintenance of Perl itself. Talks are held in parallel, with 3-4 talks for each time slot. Tutorials and classes are also held during the conference or immediately following it. They are held by well-known stars and are dedicated to deeper and more specific Perl details and applications. The conference language is English.

One of the key principles behind YAPC conferences is the minimal price for the attendees. The role of sponsors is so important because YAPCs are not commercial events. To make a grassroots conference like YAPC::Europe happen, we need money. If you want to give something back to the Perl community and support us, we would be happy to welcome you as a sponsor.

The website of YAPC::Europe 2013: yapc.eu/2013.

Sponsorship Levels

We offer four sponsorship levels (details see below):

  • Sponsors (min. 500 €)
  • Silver Sponsors (min. 2000 €)
  • Gold Sponsors (min. 5000 €)
  • Platinum Sponsors (min. 9000 €)

If you want to discuss some details, or propose something different, you can write us an email: mail@yapcrussia.org.

The following list name the items that each sponsorship level offers.

Please contact the organisers for opportunities that are not listed here. For example, we may provide a special proposal for the sponsor willing to cover one of our guest star speakers travel expenses, or the river cruise boat rental and on-board food.

Platinum Sponsors

  • Five free tickets for the conference
  • Five free tickets for the social event
  • A table at the fair in the hall
  • 10 minute talk slot for company information
  • Two goodies distributed at the registration desk
  • Logotype on the welcome banner
  • Logotype on the website
  • A link on the website
  • Description on the website (up to 1000 characters)

Gold Sponsors

  • Three free tickets for the conference
  • Three free tickets for the social event
  • One goodie distributed at the registration desk
  • Logotype on the welcome banner
  • Logotype on the website
  • A link on the website
  • Description on the website (up to 500 characters)

Silver Sponsors

  • One free ticket for the conference
  • One free ticket for the social event
  • Logotype on the welcome banner
  • Logotype on the website
  • A link on the website
  • Description on the website (up to 200 characters)


  • Logotype on the welcome banner
  • Logotype on the website
  • A link on the website

The Organisers

The conference is being organised by a group of people who have run Perl conferences of different sizes since 2007 in seven countries:

  • Russia: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don and Vladivostok
  • Ukraine: Kiev
  • Belarus: Minsk
  • Latvia: Riga
  • Kazakhstan: Kostanay
  • Uzbekistan: Tashkent
  • Bulgaria: Sofia

The YAPC::Europe 2013 is the fifth event that we will organise in Kiev. The previous ones are the Ukrainian Perl Workshop 2008 Perl Mova, the Ukrainian Perl Workshop 2009 Perl Mova, and two joint conferences: Perl Mova + YAPC::Russia 2010 and “Perl Mova and YAPC::Russia May Perl” 2012.

Please address any questions and comments related to the conference and sponsorship to the Organising Committee at mail@yapcrussia.org.

YAPC::Europe 2013
Organising Committee