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Week minus 41. Venues

04/11/12 17:13 by Andrey Shitov (‎ash‎)

Viacheslav Tykhanovskyi summarises his trip over the venues in Kiev during the last few weeks. He did a huge job and now the huge job for us is to pick up the best venue :-)

As I am in the org team of the next YAPC::Europe in Kiev, I have some news about the venues. I have been visiting all the previous selected 7 venues and 2 new that we found on the way. Not an easy task I should say. So here is my report.

Ukrainian House

Ukrainian House is a nice huge city-centered place, it has the best view actually. The only downside is price :) We really want to get this place, so we are trying out different strategies of balancing the budget.


MasterClass is a nice venue near historical center, but it doesn't have enough space to accept and feed 300 visitors.

President Hotel

President Hotel is one the most expensive hotels in Kiev, so the price is corresponding. And it's not very easy to reach with the public transportation.

Parus Business Center

Parus Business Center is pretty close to the center (10-15min walk). When I visited this venue the office manager even asked me 'Perl? Does anyone still program on it?'. I laughed and kindly explained him that YES, WE DO!

European University

European University is a great place but somewhat distant from the city center. Also the halls are on different floors.

Hotel Bratislava

Hotel Bratislava. Unfortunately I coudn't see any of the halls, because it was under renovation. Also it is on another side of the river.

NSC Olimpiyskiy

NSC Olimpiyskiy. This is the main football stadium in Ukraine. It'd be great to have a conference here, unfortunately is it overpriced and very dependent on the local football games. We could end up with canceling the conference.

Hotel Rus

Hotel Rus. This hotel has a great name. Rus is the name of the medieval polity in Europe which used to unite many slavic tribes. And Kiev was the capital. This hotel has a big hall that can be divided into smaller parts. I like this approach so the attendees won't need to run between different floors. This was kinda the same on YAPC::Brazil 2012 (what a great place btw :). It is very close to the Parus Business center.

M17: Contemporary Art Center

Contemporary Art Center has a big hall mainly dedicated for exibitions. The main downside is that they cannot be divided into parts with good sound isolation.

That's it

So this is it. Now we are deciding which one is going to win. Help us decide using the comment section below.

Thank you!

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