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Week minus 8. Defining a partner

06/07/13 23:04 by Andrey Shitov (‎ash‎)

Dear YAPC::Europe attendees,

There're lots of things we've got to tell you about the forthcoming conference, and all the news are only good ones :-) Although we became kind of tired during the last weeks, we are still very excited about the result we would like to achieve.

There were a few questions about attending the Partners Programme and it looks like we have to be more clear about who the partner is and what they can use for free.

It is easy. There are basically two things that we offer to your partner.

First, if they come with you and stay in Kiev during the conference day, they may use our free Partners Programme excursions, which will take place each day in approximately the same time when you will be in the venue listening to the talks. Once again, this is completely free. It's worth to notify us by sending an e-mail to mail@yapcrussia.org.

Second, there will be a River Cruise at the end of the second conference day, and you are welcome to attend it with the partner. Contrary to the Partners Programme, this is not free of charge. As an attendee or a speaker, you may attend the Cruise yourself with no additional cost. For your partner you have to buy an additional River Cruise ticket. The option is available on the purchase page of the conference site. In this case there's no need to inform us, because we will see your payment. Neither you have to register your partner on the site.

We hope we made it clear of what, where and how your partners may participate.

There were also questions about children. For sure, we are welcome to see our attendees with their children in Kiev but we cannot provide any child day care for them. If your partner believes they will manage to attend the Partners Programme or the River Cruise with a child, feel free to join!

See you soon with more newsletters (and actually more correct week countdown number).

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