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Week minus 30. Call for sponsors

14/01/13 21:47 by Andrey Shitov (‎ash‎)


After a week of Christmas (the Eastern one) break we are here to continue our weekly newsletters. They will now also appear on the conference site in the News section.

First, a brief statistics update. Today there are 71 registered people coming from 15 countries and 26 monger groups. There are four submitted talks already. And we have some first early bird ticket purchasers. Thanks to all of them.

Today we would like to call for sponsorship.

YAPC::Europe is a non-profit event aimed for those who use Perl in their daily activity (or even on a monthly or yearly basis, checking the crontab settings after migrating to a new server :-) All income comes from attendee fees and from sponsors.

The attendee fee is extremely low comparing to other IT conferences. I would even make the attendance free if we would have enough external support. Everything we get we spend on the venue, equipment, food and other activities such as renting the rooms for hackathons, the river cruise this year (instead of the attendees dinner). Also we cover expenses of a few guest speakers (the list of them is really very small, and believe me nobody of them gets luxury rooms :-) There are some occasional expenses like printing souvenirs (if ever), posters etc.

We are inviting companies that use Perl and would like to support its development to sponsor the YAPC::Europe 2013 in Kiev. Sponsoring YAPC not only allows make it cheap for the attendees but also provides a great way to support language development, ideas exchange and visibility in the outer world.

Companies sponsoring the conference get their brand well known among the attendees. Every year the European branch of YAPC collects 300-400 people including programmers, system administrators, freelancers, IT managers and even web designers.

Perl world comes hand to hand with the global Open source movement, thus being with us will make your company more open in the eyes of the attendees.

Finally, there are recruitment opportunities during the conference. Having a booth in the venue will give you three days of the conference attendance, and everybody coming there will not be able to miss your booth. Recruiters from the previous years were able to find new employees there. Would you like to interview your candidates during the conference, we will let you do that in the venue (in Riga there were a special room behind the scene).

We offer four sponsorship levels with different set of options.

  • Platinum Sponsors
  • Gold Sponsors
  • Silver Sponsors
  • Sponsors

There is also a Corporate attendee price for business users.

The detailed description of the above mentioned sponsorship levels is available on the conference site at the special page. Please note that we are very open to discuss the details to find the best terms for everybody.

Please contact us at mail@yapcrussia.org for further details.

Support Perl today to ensure your future!

Thank you.

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