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Week minus 1. Schedule

03/08/13 11:29 by Andrey Shitov (‎ash‎)

Dear YAPC::Europe attendees,

The conference starts in a few days, and we are happy to make the schedule publicly available: act.yapc.eu/ye2013/schedule.

There are three days full of talks, most of the time the talks go in three parallel tracks. There are also a few “single-threaded” events, such as Larry's keynote or lightning talk sessions.

Please examine the schedule and add the talks that you would like to listen to to your personal schedule (by clicking a star). This simple action will help both the speakers and the organisers. For the speakers, it will give the idea of how popular their talk is. For us, it is a help to understand if it's wise to move the talk to the bigger main room.

Although the schedule has been published, we still may make small changes, like the one mentioned above, for better conference flow. We also recommend you to consult the online version of the schedule during the conference itself.

We compiled the schedule in such a way so there are 10 minute gaps between talks. This is done to let everybody easily change rooms and to have some time for the speaker to prepare before the talk.

There are two coffee breaks and a lunch every day. These will be served in the venue so you will not be in rush to find the cafe nearby. This food is completely free of charge for all the committed attendees (including the speakers, of course). If you did not buy your ticket yet, please do it asap, as we have to report the final menu to the restaurant in a couple of days. It is not possible to extend the ordered amount after that date.

On Sunday 11 August, there will be the Perl 6 hackathon. Please note that this event takes place in the Dnipro hotel, not in the venue. The hotel is located 150 meters away from the venue and is the one where more than 30 attendees are going to stay.

There are also three events beyond the talks, namely, the Pre-conference meting, the Kick-off party and the River Cruise.

The pre-conference meeting takes place on Sunday evening. To attend, please add it to your personal schedule so that we (and the cafe's managers) see how many of us will come there. The event is “shareware”, which means that there will be some preordered food and drinks but we kindly ask you to use our collection box there to cover expenses (about 150 UAH = 15 € per person). On top of that, you will be able to order food and drinks on your own choice. We hope that the restaurant will be able to serve 100+ people fast enough.

The kick-off party is a 90 minute event at the end of the first day with free food and drinks. This event will be served in the venue. You are free to join. It is sponsored by Booking.com.

Finally, the River Cruise is a replacement of the traditional Attendees Dinner. For our service there will be the biggest ship in Ukraine with three decks full of Perl people. The attendance is free for all the attendees with a Regular, Business or Student ticket and for the speakers giving at least one talk longer than 20 minutes. We will provide you with the walking instructions of how you can reach the river gate from the venue. Please note that the cruise starts exactly at 7 p.m. and we will not wait for those who is late. Do not try to catch some food before getting onboard, as we have a pre-ordered catering there.

We hope you will enjoin each of the activities that we prepared. We are very excited to see everybody in Kiev in a week.

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