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Week minus 17. Checklists

17/04/13 11:47 by Andrey Shitov (‎ash‎)

Dear YAPC::Europe attendees,

This week's newsletter contains a few useful checklists. Please follow them to make your attendance easier and more pleasant.

If you are a speaker,

  • Submit a talk proposal as early as you can
  • Talk submission deadline is 1 July
  • Prepare your slides
  • Have got a question? Ask us: mail@yapcrussia.org
  • Wait until your talk is accepted (not later than 15 July)
  • See you talk in the schedule on 1 August or even earlier
  • Do not buy a ticket if the talk is accepted
  • Check if the date and time are convenient for you

If you are an attendee or a speaker,

If you do not speak,

If you are coming with a partner,

Thank you!

See you next week.

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