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Week minus 36. A brief update

09/12/12 17:17 by Andrey Shitov (‎ash‎)

Dear attendees,

We are very close to signing the contract with the venue. There are a number of things we have to do before we finally sign it. So, please excuse us for doing that so long. We have to negotiate, for example, the place for catering, internet connectivity infrastructure, sound and media equipment, -- all that goes into the contract.

Today I will quote the site of our venue, The Ukrainian House (ukrdim.org.ua, UA). We will rent the following rooms.

Concert hall (782 m²). The room for hosting concerts, literature and art events, congresses, conferences and presentations. It has 490 stationary seats, the stage and a screen. It is equipped with theater, regular and dynamic lightening systems (whatever that means :-) and the 7 kW system of sound amplification. There is a direct connection with the radio studio nearby.

Large exhibition hall (300 m²). The hall is oriented for hosting art exhibitions. It can host expositions during specialised exhibitions. It was used as a press centre during the visit of Bill Clinton, Pope John Paul II, and during annual meetings of the European bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Small exhibition hall (150 m²). The hall is used as a place for art exhibitions and vernisages.

The venue already ensured us that they have enough wireless capacity to let the attendees use their devices.

As for the hotels, I personally intend to stay at the Dnipro hotel, which is situated in 150 meters from the venue across the European square. This hotel is not only the closest one to the venue, but also the best in quality to price ratio, comparing to other big hotels in the city centre. There is free Wi-Fi in the rooms, including the cheapest ones. We will do our best to find ways to let the attendees book this (as well as others) hotel at the lowest price.

Stay tuned.

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