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Week minus 21. Coffee breaks and lunches

21/03/13 01:00 by Andrey Shitov (‎ash‎)

Dear YAPC::Europe 2013 attendees,

Let us deliver a portion of really good news. We were working hard the last few months to be able to announce it today.

Every day, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, there will be two coffee breaks and a lunch, and they all will be served at the venue.

Although we are not gathering in Kiev just to eat together, we think it is very important to have high quality catering at the event. There will be no need to go outside of the venue and look for cafes or restaurants. This will also let us keep the lunch break one hour long, giving more time for the talks.

You will be able to eat and talk with your colleagues from other cities and countries, all in the regular conference hours.

Let's then just keep today's newsletter this short :-) There will be more news about when and where you can eat and drink at the conference in the following weeks (we've got more good news to come).

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