Submitted talks: 43
Accepted talks: 37


Speaker Talk title Duration Language Date
Abigail ‎Regexp Mini-Tutorial: Character Classes‎ 50 minutes English  
JJ Allen ‎Perl and Docker, sitting in a tree‎ 20 minutes English  
Mohammad Anwar (‎manwar‎) ‎Create tube map in 20 minutes using Map::Tube‎ 20 minutes English  
Ann Barcomb (‎kudra‎) ‎Fifteen Years of Contributing Casually‎ 50 minutes English  
Martin Berends (‎mberends‎) ‎Perl and Selenium workshop‎ 120 minutes English  
Tom Bloor (‎TBSliver‎) ‎Testing the waters‎ 20 minutes English  
Dave Cross (‎davorg‎) ‎Web Site Tune-Up - Improve Your Googlejuice‎ 80 minutes English  
Paul Evans (‎LeoNerd‎) ‎Devel::MAT updated‎ 20 minutes English  
Salvador Fandiño (‎salva‎) ‎Packing Perl applications for Windows with Win32::Packer‎ 20 minutes English  
Julien Fiegehenn (‎simbabque‎) ‎Turning humans into developers with Perl‎ 20 minutes English  
DrForr ‎The Art of Programming‎ 20 minutes English  
Steven Goodwin ‎All languages are equal, but some languages are more equal than others‎
[ Talk ]
20 minutes English  
Tom Hukins ‎Development: More than Writing Code?‎ 20 minutes English  
Ed J (‎mohawk‎) ‎GraphQL in Perl: The Story So Far‎ 20 minutes English  
Paul Johnson (‎pjcj‎) ‎Modernising A Legacy Perl Application‎ 20 minutes English  
Max Maischein (‎Corion‎) ‎Web automation with WWW::Mechanize::Chrome‎
[ Abstract - Talk ]
50 minutes English  
Juan Julián Merelo-Guervós (‎jmerelo‎) ‎Perl6 as a first language‎ 50 minutes English  
Tina Müller (‎tinita‎) ‎YAML - Where and how to use? What's new?‎ 20 minutes English  
Colin Newell ‎Why learning a bit of Crypto is good for you‎ 20 minutes English  
Lacey Powers ‎Debian Tips and Tricks‎ 20 minutes English  
Simon Proctor (‎Scimon‎) ‎Perl 6 : A Whistle Stop Tour‎ 50 minutes English  
Malcolm Sherrington ‎Julia and Perl: Strange Bedfellows?‎ 20 minutes English  
Andrew Solomon (‎illy‎) ‎Introduction to Perl‎
[ Abstract - Talk ]
120 minutes English  
Sue Spence (‎virtualsue‎) ‎Spiders, Gophers & Butterflies‎ 50 minutes English  
Mark Sta Ana ‎An introduction to Rust‎ 20 minutes English  
Leon Timmermans (‎leont‎) ‎Lessons learned from using Dist::Zilla‎ 20 minutes English  
Matt S Trout (‎mst‎) ‎Bothead as a service‎ 50 minutes English  
Mike Whitaker (‎Penfold‎) ‎Dancer2::Session::DynamoDB‎ 20 minutes English  
Lance Wicks ‎Getting Started with Bailador‎ 90 minutes English  
Dave Cross (‎davorg‎) ‎Adventures Beyond the Echo Chamber‎ lightning English  
Paul Evans (‎LeoNerd‎) ‎Mistakes not to Make in Talk Slides‎ lightning English  
Tom Hukins ‎Just Fun: Delete It!‎ lightning English  
Kenichi Ishigaki (‎charsbar‎) ‎Better detection of what modules are used by some Perl 5 code‎ lightning English  
Chris Jack ‎Musings on Perl jobs‎ lightning English  
Paul Johnson (‎pjcj‎) ‎It Doesn't Matter‎ lightning English  
Mark Keating (‎mdk‎) ‎The EPO Needs You‎ lightning English  
Tina Müller (‎tinita‎) ‎YAML::PP - Just another YAML Framework?‎ lightning English  
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