90 minutes



Practical getting started session for those wanting to try Perl6 and the Bailador web framework.

This is designed to be a introduction to Bailador to get people started. Nothing too advanced.

Beginner friendly, both in terms of newbie web developers and newbie Perl6 developers and newbie Bailador developers

The 90 minute workshop will start with basic "Hello World" and work up to a full website with DB access, logins, etc.

Although installation will be covered, attendees are invited to have a working Perl6 and Bailador installation in place prior to the workshop.

A working docker or virtualbox environment would be helpful.

Other modules we will be using:
* DBIish
* Crypt::Bcrypt

Again having these installed in advance would be advisable.

We will be using SQLite as the database, so again a working SQLite installation is recommended (including the sqlite3 command line tool)

A virtualbox image with all the components and example code will be available. 

Bronze and Community:

A list of all our bronze and community sponsors as well as more information about all of our valued sponsors is available on our sponsors page.