50 CPAN modules developed in 2 years; my experience as a developer in Japan’s Perl Community

20 minutes



In this talk I’ll be sharing some of my personal experience developing CPAN modules as a part of the Japanese Perl community and also talking about some Perl web development trends in Japan.

In 2010 I uploaded my first CPAN module, Math::CheckDigits, but at that time it was just a hobby of mine, and it would be quite a while until I’d upload something new again.

I uploaded my second CPAN module, HTTP::MobileAgent::Plugin::Smartphone, in 2012, marking the beginning of a development frenzy in which I created over 50 CPAN modules within 2 years, many of which are being used in my production web application.

Some of the CPAN modules I’ve made are even being used in other places such as Riji, DBIx::Schema::DSL, L, App::RunCron, Cache::Redis, and others.

In addition to creating modules I’ve also been able to take over maintainance of some other CPAN modules which are used in my production code, and now I currently maintain over 60 CPAN modules. <https://metacpan.org/author/SONGMU>

So why was I able to create and maintain so many CPAN modules within a relatively small period of time?
This is exactly the question I’ll be discussing in my talk.
Lastly I want to thank the Perl community for teaching me so much over the past few years.