Courses accepted in YAPC::Europe 2015

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Rooms for courses

There exist three courses associated to YAPC::EU.

Course 1 (Web Application Development using AngularJS and Perl, by Gabor Szabo) will take place at IEMath, that is not inside the Faculty of Sciences, but 5 minutes-walk away.

The rest of courses will be held at "Edificio Mecenas", a building next to the Conferene venue (i.e. Faculty of Sciences), as you can see in this map.

Course 1. Web Application Development using AngularJS and Perl

  • Instructor: Gabor Szabo
    • Gabor has been using Perl since 1995 and teaching it since 2000. He has given Master classes at several previous Perl conferences. Both in North America and in Europe. Gabor runs the Perl Weekly newsletter, the Perl Maven web sites and the Code Maven web site. He is the author and maintainer of several Perl modules. He is one of the contributors of MetaCPAN.
  • Abstract: You are going to learn how to create a mobile-enabled, responsive web application using the following pieces of technology: MongoDB, Perl Dancer 2 on the server AngularJS, HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, Twitter Bootstrap on the front-end.
  • Class Description: This course is for you if from time to time you need to build internal web applications, or if you'd like to convert a CGI based application to modern technologies, or if you just want to be the next Twitter or Facebook.
    The course is 2 days long.
    Participants are expected to have basic understanding of HTML and at least intermediate knowledge of Perl.
    The students will get the training material in PDF format and they will get plenty of example files. They are expected to bring their own computer running Linux, Unix, OSX, or MS Windows. More specific instructions will be given a few days prior to the training class.
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Date and hours: 31-August-2015 and 1-September-2015
  • Place: IEMath
  • Price:
    • Late bird price: 500 Euro
    • The prices include the training material in printed and e-book format and lifetime access to the Perl Maven Pro subscription service. (Normally $90 / year).

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Course 3. Database Development with Perl and DBIx::Class

  • Instructor: Dave Cross
    • Dave has been using Perl since 1996 and in that time has worked for companies from the tiniest start-ups to multinational corporations. In 1998, he founded which has grown to be one of the largest (and loudest Perl Mongers groups in the world).
    • Dave is the author of "Data Munging with Perl" (Manning, 2001) and a co-author of "Perl Template Toolkit" (O'Reilly, 2003). He is a regular speaker at Perl and Open Source conferences. He has been running training courses in Perl since 2001.
  • Abstract::
    • You will learn how to use DBIx::Class to make it far easier to write code that talks to databases.
  • Description::
    • Most programs need to talk to a database at some point. And everyone hates writing SQL, right? Using DBIx::Class makes interacting with a database far easier.
    • We'll look at how you create the classes you need to use DBIx::Class with a database, how you carry out the basic CRUD operations and how you can extend your DBIC classes to make your life even easier.
    • Participants are expected to have intermediate knowledge of Perl.
    • There will be no practical sessions, so a laptop will not be necessary (but might be useful for taking notes).
    • Participants will receive the slides for course as a PDF.
  • Duration: to be determined (but only one day)
  • Date and hour:1-September-2015, hour to be determined
  • Place: Edificio Mecenas (next to the Conference venue)
  • Price:
    • Late bird price: 300 Euro

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Course 4. Perl Essentials

  • Instructor: Andrew Solomon (see his Linkedin profile) from Geekuni
  • Course Outline::
    • The goal is to acquire all the essential Perl skills to be a developer in modern Perl. You will demonstrate these skills through the implementation of a command-line search engine. See here for a GUI presentation of the functionality.
    • Completing this course shows you will be able to implement Perl scripts and modules using regular expressions, references and unit tests. You will also have experience installing CPAN modules for further functionality.
    • More details
  • Course Level: Introductory:
    • This course assumes that you have written code in another programming language such as C, C++, Java, PHP, Visual Basic, Python or Ruby. It also assumes you are is capable of working on the Bash command-line interface via ssh.
  • Price:
    • Late bird price: 250 Euro
  • Duration:
    • Full day. A lecture in the morning and in the afternoon you will be writing software and discussing questions with the trainer and other attendees.
  • Date and hour:1-September-2015, hour to be determined
  • Place: Edificio Mecenas (next to the Conference venue)
  • Supplies provided
    • 6 months enrolment to Geekuni (approximately 30% discount) including the courses Perl Essentials and Perl Web Development
    • Free 2 week taster online courses to any 2 people you nominate
  • Students must provide: A laptop

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