Conference location

YAPC::EU 2015 will be held in the Faculty of Sciences (Facultad de Ciencias).

Faculty of Sciences is located at street Fuente Nueva, very close to street Dr. Severo Ochoa (just in case you have to ask someone). Its coordinates are: 37°10'45.6"N 3°36'33.7"W (or 37.179327, -3.609366)

Bus lines

You have to buy your ticket at the bus itself, asking for it to the driver. The common price is 1.20€.

Getting to the conference venue is quite easy using the following bus lines (getting off the bus at stops labelled as "Facultad de Ciencias" or "Severo Ochoa"):

You can also use the following ones (although you'll have to walk for 5 minutes in order to get to the conference place):

  • Line SN2 (Get off at "Camino de Ronda 148" or "Camino de Ronda 157-153")
  • Line SN4 (Get off at "Camino de Ronda 148" or "Camino de Ronda 153")

You can get more information about bus lines in the following URLs: and (unfortunately, both of them in Spanish).

Rooms location

The following image shows the plane of Faculty of Sciences. We have marked the four rooms to be used during the conference:

  • $yapc[0] is the Aula Magna. Plenary talks will be held in this room
  • $yapc[1] is room F1
  • $yapc[2] is room F2
  • $yapc[3] is Salón de Grados

Rooms for courses

There exist three courses associated to YAPC::EU.

Course 1 (Web Application Development using AngularJS and Perl, by Gabor Szabo) will take place at IEMath, that is not inside the Faculty of Sciences, but 5 minutes-walk away.

The rest of courses will be held at "Edificio Mecenas", a building next to the Conferene venue (i.e. Faculty of Sciences), as you can see in the previous image.

WiFi Access

You can connect to cviugr (the SSID of the venue WiFi) with user: ASK FOR IT ATH REGISTRATION DESK, and password: ASK FOR IT ATH REGISTRATION DESK

Our wiki contains a guide to help you configuring the access to internet by means of WiFi

Download the official map in PDF format

You can download the map of the venue in PDF format just to easily look at it.