Breaks and meals

Caffeine and other nourishments

Thanks to the support of our sponsors, a pre-conference Eligo pizza, coffee-breaks, as well as lunches and the conference dinner will be available for all the attendees to YAPC::EU 2015.

The Eligo pizza will be delivered on Tuesday, 1 of September. Our sponsor Eligo will invite all registered persons to pizza and drinks, from 19:00 to 21:00, at the Conference venue's patio.

Coffee-breaks are scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 10:30 and 16:30, taking no more than 30 minuntes. They will be served next to the rooms where the talks will take place.

Lunch time will start every day at 13:00, lasting 90 minutes, and are sponsored by Booking.

Lunch is organized as a tapas crawl, since Granada is well-known for the ancient tradition of complementing your drink (in bars and cafes) with a small (and sometimes not so small) amount of food (the tapa). We have reached an agreement with several bars sorrounding the Conference venue that will accept Coinions (the "official" Conference's coin) as the way to pay for your drink and its associated tapa. These bars will be well marked and menus will be in English.

Thus, when registering yourself at the Conference's registration desk, you will get 12 Coinions, divided into 6 tickets 18 Coiniions, divided into 9 tickets. So, feel free to spend them as you prefer, probably visiting the different bars associated with this initiative. You can spend them any time of the day, any day during the conference.

The following map shows the bars accepting Coinions. You can also download a PDF document containing all the information about bars, their locations, and also the tapas any of them offers.

Very important! In every bar, only 2 different tapas can be asked per table at the same time. Thus, if you visit a bar in group, everyone can ask for him/her tapa with the first drink, but you have to reach an agreement since no more than 2 different tapas can be asked. Them, for the second drink, you can newly ask for a new tapa but, once more, take into account that no more than 2 different tapas per table can be asked. The same for your 3rd, 4th... drink.

This map can be also easily accesed at

Map of bars accepting coinions

Finally, the Conference Dinner will take place on Wednesday (2 of September), 21:00 hours, at Hotel Los Angeles. This dinner is included in your registration, but you can buy addtional tickets for your guests.