Keynote Speakers

Xavi (@fxn) has been around Ruby on Rails since 2005. A member of the Rails core team, and the author of Rails Contributors. Also honored to have been presented a Ruby Hero Award in RailsConf 2010, and to be part of the team who organised the European Ruby Conference 2009 (EuRuKo 2009), held in Barcelona.

He was also into Perl for some years. A CPAN author (FXN), and former leader of Barcelona Perl Mongers. Back in 2006 he published an article about the intricacies of newlines for O'Reilly's Also taught a Perl semester for seven years at the University of Barcelona as a part-time lecturer. That was vocational, he did it in his spare time.

Chief Instigator, Larry (@TimToady) is a computer programmer and author, most widely known as the creator of the Perl programming language families (Perl 5 and 6).

Curtis (OVID) Poe has specialized in Perl 5 for 15 years, has written one book on Perl and co-authored another, and via All Around The World (AATW) offers world-class consulting and training in Perl, testing, databases, git, and Agile. He and his colleagues at AATW also build and develop software for clients in a number of languages, but focus on our true love, Perl.

Ovid (@OvidPerl) has watched patiently – very patiently – the development of Perl 6 and remains cautiously optimistic that it's not the worst thing to have ever happened.

Tara (@tla) considers herself a Byzantine/Armenian historian and also a technologist. Her undergraduate degree is from MIT, and she was a professional computer programmer for several years before making her way to this branch of academia. Also a Perl hacker (AURUM), she wouldn't dream of doing any of her research without scripting away the boring bits.

Currently an Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities at the University of Bern, where she's charged with establishing a program of study and research.

Sawyer (@PerlSawyer) is a Perl developer (XSAWYERX) and public speaker, project leader for the Dancer web framework.