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Mr. Aaron Crane (‎arc‎)

United Kingdom
Perl mongers group
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Aaron has been hacking and teaching Perl for more than a decade. After running The Register’s technical department for several years, he's now concentrating on Cutbot, an online media-monitoring system.

Attending talks

‎Sharding a database‎
‎CSV in perl6‎
‎Conference Driven Publishing‎
‎Perl at Geneva Courts of Law : recent developments‎
‎uWSGI for PSGI apps deployments‎
‎Why Perl 5 {is, isn't} a Scheme‎
‎OpenStreetMap for Perl Developers‎
‎Great Tools Heavily Used In Japan, You Don't Know.‎
‎OAuth2 and Mojolicious‎
‎Static Code Analysis For Perl‎
‎Picture of the Day‎
‎Auditing Perl code for vulnerabilties: A step by step example‎
‎The Intersection of Code and Art‎
‎My Journey to Information Retrieval‎
‎Data is Evil and Must Be Deleted‎
‎Perl in your Pocket‎
‎Sandboxing Perl code with Linux Containers‎
‎YAPC::Asia Tokyo Behind The Scenes, Or How We Organize A Conference For 2000 Attendees‎
‎Writing Paws: a Perl AWS SDK‎
‎Exploring Linux Namespaces and Perl‎
‎50 CPAN modules developed in 2 years; my experience as a developer in Japan’s Perl Community‎
‎Carmel: brand new way to manage CPAN dependencies‎
‎What the Cult of Expertise Costs‎
‎Postal Codes, Polygons, Perl and Poetry‎
‎Perl and PDF‎
‎How to contribute to perl5 core‎
‎Build management with a dash of prolog‎
‎qué les hablas mi lenguaje‎
‎Local server based Web Application‎ - such as the Slides-App will be used in this talk!‎
‎Locale-TextDomain-OO - What's going on?‎
‎Modern web scraping‎
‎War stories: programming in the field of medieval history‎
‎Using Genetic Algorithms in Sound Synthesis‎
‎Omnia a Distributed and Reactive Data Platform‎
‎Painting with Onions‎
‎Whatever, or How I Stopped Worrying and Fell in Love with Perl 6 Operators‎
‎Teaching and Learning Perl - what I got from "Perl Entrance"‎
‎compare-git-versions: A Simple Development Tool for Refactoring and Benchmarking‎
‎The art of scraping‎
‎May you live in interesting times‎
‎Plotting History‎
‎Optimize Perl5 code for performance freaks.‎
‎Introduction to Meta Object Protocol‎
‎Panel Discussion: Growing the Perl community‎
‎Warm and fuzzy text matching‎
‎Handling errors incidentally (no exceptions)‎
‎Featureless Features‎
‎Building bridges - bringing Perl 5 and Perl 6 back together‎
‎An exposition of the JIT‎