Local server based Web Application‎ - such as the Slides-App will be used in this talk!


20 minutes



Let's make your local server based web application!

"Local server" means the web server that is running on your own Laptop or Desktop. These applications are very good for visualizing the local file-data on your web browser as a Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, etc.

Now I'm developing CPAN module "App::revealup". This is a presentation tool using JavaScript library "reveal.js". App::revealup is a JUST local server based web application. It's very useful to showing slides on the web browser. One more nice point is that the slides are rendered from Markdown formatted text. Rendered slides are very beautiful!

Like this App::revealup, there are other useful local server based applications in CPAN. Such as local directory viewers, git file viewers, or some formatted HTML renderers.

Do you want to know how to make these "Local server" based web applications? Now, we have great library "Plack". Plack distribution is a toolkit for making a web framework under a PSGI specification. In this talk, I will introduce a fun of a local server based web application and how to make these web applications quickly with Plack or other modules.

**Slides of this talk will be rendered by App::revealup!**


* Local server based applications in CPAN such as ...
* Pod::Server, Gitalist, Remedie, PAD, etc.
* What is "Local server based Web Application"
* Introduce "App::revealup"
* One-liner local server app with Plack
* Plack::Middleware
* Use Plack::Request
* Make it as command line
* Useful modules such as ...
* Getopt::Long, Path::Tiny, File::ShareDir, etc.
* Wrap up