17th German Perl Workshop 2015 in Dresden from 06th to 08th May 2015

The German Perl Workshop is a conference about the Perl Programming Language. It is organized by Perl developers. The 2015 GPW takes place in Dresden. The venue is called "Dresdner Volkshaus". Most of the talks will be held in German, but talks in English are welcome as well of course.

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Proceedings online

The proceedings can be downloaded here.

Imporant information

E-mail contact: info@gpw2015.de

Latest news

03/05/15 Rail strike in Germany!

Today it was announced that the train drivers of the Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) will be taking part in a strike. So it will be very difficult to come to Dresden by train. You probably know the alternatives yourself. We hope that you will come to Dresden without problems!

30/04/15 Cheap tram and bus tickets

We organized cheap tickets for using trams and buses within Dresden: validity: May 6th to May 8th 2015, fare zone 10 (Dresden) - except trains price: 9,00€

You can buy the tickets on tuesday evening (pre-event meeting) or during the workshop at the venue.

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