Get a 30% discount on all the trains during the conference

By Victor Manuel Rivas Santos (‎Victor‎) on 28/08/15 11:03

Just today, Renfe (the Spanish train company) has provided the authorization to get a 30% discount on all the trains from 01-Sep to 6-Sep. To get this discount, use the following document: when buying your tickets.

Won't you participate in our hackathon?

By Victor Manuel Rivas Santos (‎Victor‎) on 14/08/15 08:36

We are proud to announce that a hackathon related to YAPC:EU will be celebrated on Saturday, 5 of september, starting at 09:00 hours.

The place where it will take place is the IEMath (Instituto Español de Matemáticas) very, very close to YAPC:EU's venue. The room is called "Sala de Conferencias".

You can see more information at the page at the IEMath's website

Updated information about venue

By Victor Manuel Rivas Santos (‎Victor‎) on 28/07/15 13:14

Take a look to YAPC::Europe 2015 venue's page where we have added a lot of information about bus lines, rooms for the talks and courses to be held, maps, and all the kind of interesting things.

One more hotel offering special prices for YAPC:EUROPE attendants

By Victor Manuel Rivas Santos (‎Victor‎) on 15/07/15 01:50

A new hotel, very, very close to the venue, offers us a special price for those of you attending YAPC::Europe 2015.

Take a look to it's page in our wiki.

Enjoy craft beers & tapas at Granada

By Victor Manuel Rivas Santos (‎Victor‎) on 15/06/15 11:57

Perl is extremely good.

Perl in a city like Granada can be even better.

Let us tell you that this city has a wonderful tradition: everytime you ask for a beer (or any other drink) in a bar, you will get a tapa (a small amount of food) for free.

Could be enhanced?

Yes, it is; since Granada is the place where delicious craft beers are made.

For instance, did you know you can drink the Alhambra? (do not forget to ask for the "1925" version)

A bit wilder, perhaps? Then, ask for a Mammooth... you'll want to bring it home with you ;)

Come and discover many more while staying here!

New Perl Essentials class

By Gabor Szabo (‎szabgab‎) on 15/06/15 08:02

YAPC::EU is not just for the core Perl developers but for the community of developers of all backgrounds with an interest in Perl. For this reason we've added a 1-day beginner's class Perl Essentials to make sure everyone gets the most from the conference presentations. In addition, attending this class you will get a 6 month enrolment at Geekuni to keep up the momentum, and a taster enrolment for colleagues you'd like to up-skill on Perl.

Visiting Alhambra during YAPC::EU - buy your ticket now

By Gabor Szabo (‎szabgab‎) on 02/06/15 13:36

The Alhambra citadel and palace is probably the most important architecture in Spain. It is located in Granada. In order to visit it one needs to purchase a ticket up-front for a specific hour of a specific day.

Ticket sales for September have just been opened.

For more information check out our wiki page about Alhambra

Extended call for talk proposals

By Gabor Szabo (‎szabgab‎) on 25/05/15 06:59

YAPC::EU is an annual tech conference that takes places in Europe. Every year in a different city. This year it is in Granda, Spain between 2-4 September.

While the focus of the conference was traditionally the use of the Perl programming language, every year we had a number of talks covering other technologies as well. This year we would like to make this more explicit and we would like to extend the invitation to submit talk proposals about solutions in other, complementary technologies as well. We would like to make this YAPC an event that any engineer will be able to enjoy.

A number of ideas, just to give you an idea how broad the talks can be: Front-end Frameworks, Databases ( SQL, NoSQL ), DevOps, Virtualization, Deployment containers, Makers movement, OpenID, SPDY etc.)

The topic of the conference is "art and engineering" so you'll have to mention both of those words during the talk along with Perl. That's your challenge.

Get more Perl for less money... until June, the 22th.

By Victor Manuel Rivas Santos (‎Victor‎) on 20/05/15 13:12

Get yout ticket now... or at least before 22-Jun-2015... and pay the reduced fare.

New DBIC Master class, extended early-bird discount

By Gabor Szabo (‎szabgab‎) on 16/05/15 10:10

A new master class was added to the schedule, a one-day course on Database Development with Perl and DBIx::Class by Dave Cross. It has an early-bird discount rate till 1 June.

The early-bird discount for the 2-days long Web Application Development using Perl, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript course was also extended till 1 June.

Finally there is the Practical Career Development for Perl Programmers course also with more spaces available.

You can purchase your ticket on the purchase page.

Follow our blog and our twitter account

By Victor Manuel Rivas Santos (‎Victor‎) on 06/05/15 01:31

Get the latest news from YAPC::Europe suscribing to our blog and/or following our account in Twitter.

YAPC::EU Master classes - talks - hackathons

By Gabor Szabo (‎szabgab‎) on 03/05/15 11:59

Master classes

YAPC::EU currently has 2 master classes.

One of them is a 2-days long training class on 31/8-1/9 by Gabor Szabo for web development with focus on front-end development. It includes usage of HTML5; CSS3; JavaScript; JQuery; Handlebars, the JavaScript templating system; Twitter Bootstrap responsive framework; in the client. The back-end is using Dancer2; MongoDB; and of course Perl.

The other one is a half-day course by Peter Sergeant in the afternoon of 1/9 about Career Development for Perl Programmers. Attending it will help you write a better CV and prepare you for an interview.

For more details and registration check out the YAPC::EU courses page.

More courses?

There is space for more 1/2 and 1-day courses on 1/9. If you are interested offering such a course, check out the call for instructors and submit your proposal ASAP.

Offering talks?

The main body of the conference also has more space for additional talks. Submit now to make it easier for the attendees to see how awesome this event is going to be.


It is possible to use some of the rooms on 1/9 and there might be options to have space on 5-6/9 to run Hackathons. If you are interested, please get in touch with the organizers so they can assess the requirements.

Early bird price valid until... June, the 22th

By Victor Manuel Rivas Santos (‎Victor‎) on 08/04/15 23:51

Remember... if you want to pay less for your conference ticket, do not forget to buy it up to 22-Jun-2015. It is our "Early bird price".

Call for instructors/courses

By Victor Manuel Rivas Santos (‎Victor‎) on 25/03/15 13:34

Since yesterday night, those of you interested in organizing any kind of course related to YAPC can read our Call for Instructors.

The document is avalible from the menu Talks & events > Call for instructors, and exposes the course facilities and conditions, as well as the proccess and dates for applying.

Keep reading at Call for instructors' URL.

The company that connects Granada by bus with many others cities in Spain offers a special discount for attendants to YAPC::Europe 2015.

All the information is in our Buses' discount link the wiki.

Did you know the most-visited Spanish monument is in Granada?

By Victor Manuel Rivas Santos (‎Victor‎) on 01/03/15 10:30

Probably you did.

Our wiki has now a special node devoted to Visiting the Alhambra. Take a look at it!

Our system is now ready to accept yout talk proposals.

Do not forget to register so that you can submit your talk proposal.

All the information you need to become one of our sponsors is now ready to be used at our 'Sponsor Us' page.

Do not forget to fill up the corresponding form located at YE2015-Sponsor-Us.pdf or YE2015-Sponsor-Us.docx

YAPC::Europe 2015's web is up and running

By Victor Manuel Rivas Santos (‎Victor‎) on 20/01/15 10:44

Thank to all our collaborators, the web for our congress is 98% ready to be used.

Do not forget to read our Wiki in order to get informed of every detail concerning this event.

Hope to see you in Granada!