Call for instructors

The YAPC::Europe 2015 will take place the during the first week of September in Granada, Spain.

We are currently looking for people interested in being instructors. If you are one of those, just keep reading!

Course facilities and conditions

  • Courses will take place on September 1st. If you need more days, send us an email.

  • Courses have to be related to Perl in some way.

  • We have six classrooms reserved with capacities ranging from 15 to 40 seats. If you need more, please tell us.

  • All the classrooms have a high-definition projector; some of them also have a whiteboard.

  • You can propose half-day (3.5h) or full day (7h) courses.

  • Instructors will be able to set the price for their courses at their discretion; however, experience from previous conferences show that those prices usually range between 150€ and 200€ for a full day course; however, that includes meals and coffees which will not be included in this case). The organization will charge a minimum of 150€.

  • The organization of the conference will take care of the student payments through the Act platform.

  • For every course the organization will charge a 15% overhead to cover processing and administrative costs.

  • Instructors will be paid by the conference organization upon presentation of an invoice. Educational services carry a 0% VAT in Spain so if your account manager is OK with that, we have no problem.

  • We will accept proposals for courses in English and in Spanish. Currently, our intention is to have a full-day course on modern Perl in Spanish and the rest of the courses in English, but we will consider other proposals for courses in Spanish anyway.

  • It is up to the instructor to decide the minimum amount of students needed to actually give the course.


  • You can apply to become an instructor until March 31th, April 17th.

  • In order to do so, you have to send us the following documentation:

    • A CV or small bio, detailing both your relation with Perl and your experience as an instructor.

    • A description for every course you would like to teach, including:

      • An outline of the course contents.

      • Course level (introductory, intermediate, advanced) and knowledge prerequisites.

      • Price (excluding VAT).

      • Duration (half or full day).

      • Supplies provided by the instructor.

      • What students should bring (i.e. laptop).

      • Maximum and minimum number of attendees.

      • Classroom requirements (i.e. plugs; full, web or no Internet access).

      • Any other requirement or condition.

  • Information should be emailed to


Once the submission deadline passes, the conference organizers will select the best courses at their criteria and communicate their decision to the applicants.

Accepted instructors will be notified by April 30th and they shall confirm their still intend to teach the course (or courses).

The course agenda will be published on the conference website and it will start to accept student applications after the curses are confirmed by the instructors.


Any information submitted to the organization will be considered public unless noted otherwise.

If you need any clarification or just to give us any feedback on this Call For Instructors you can get in contact with us at