Extended call for talk proposals

By Gabor Szabo (‎szabgab‎) on 25/05/15 06:59

YAPC::EU is an annual tech conference that takes places in Europe. Every year in a different city. This year it is in Granda, Spain between 2-4 September.

While the focus of the conference was traditionally the use of the Perl programming language, every year we had a number of talks covering other technologies as well. This year we would like to make this more explicit and we would like to extend the invitation to submit talk proposals about solutions in other, complementary technologies as well. We would like to make this YAPC an event that any engineer will be able to enjoy.

A number of ideas, just to give you an idea how broad the talks can be: Front-end Frameworks, Databases ( SQL, NoSQL ), DevOps, Virtualization, Deployment containers, Makers movement, OpenID, SPDY etc.)

The topic of the conference is "art and engineering" so you'll have to mention both of those words during the talk along with Perl. That's your challenge.