YAPC::EU Master classes - talks - hackathons

By Gabor Szabo (‎szabgab‎) on 03/05/15 11:59

Master classes

YAPC::EU currently has 2 master classes.

One of them is a 2-days long training class on 31/8-1/9 by Gabor Szabo for web development with focus on front-end development. It includes usage of HTML5; CSS3; JavaScript; JQuery; Handlebars, the JavaScript templating system; Twitter Bootstrap responsive framework; in the client. The back-end is using Dancer2; MongoDB; and of course Perl.

The other one is a half-day course by Peter Sergeant in the afternoon of 1/9 about Career Development for Perl Programmers. Attending it will help you write a better CV and prepare you for an interview.

For more details and registration check out the YAPC::EU courses page.

More courses?

There is space for more 1/2 and 1-day courses on 1/9. If you are interested offering such a course, check out the call for instructors and submit your proposal ASAP.

Offering talks?

The main body of the conference also has more space for additional talks. Submit now to make it easier for the attendees to see how awesome this event is going to be.


It is possible to use some of the rooms on 1/9 and there might be options to have space on 5-6/9 to run Hackathons. If you are interested, please get in touch with the organizers so they can assess the requirements.