Wiki - Visiting the Alhambra

The Alhambra is the most-visited monument in Spain... so, if you want to visit it (and you'll probably want) get your ticket as soon as possible.

All the information about visiting this Red One (that's the meaning of Alhambra) is available at

Do not forget to wear your hat/cap/whatever-you-use-to-cover-your-head and a bottle of water.

Prices are between 7-25 Euro / person depending on the type of visit.

You can buy your tickets at Ticket Master. Tickets for september can already be bought.

Warning: If you want to use the Ticket Master website, you may face the following hurdles:

  1. The site claims to offer an English version but the localization is incomplete. Knowing Spanish helps.
  2. The time-of-day selector is implemented as a Flash applet, i.e. your browser must support Flash. The applet explains the various options but it is not localized (no English for you). You can't select/copy the Spanish text either because hey, it's Flash.
  3. If you decide to retype the text into a translation service to figure out what it means, you will probably discover that it has taken you more than 2 minutes and so your session has expired (and you need to restart the order process from the beginning).
  4. A mobile phone number is required.
  5. A middle name is required.
  6. A credit card is required.
  7. At least with my MasterCard, I couldn't complete the checkout because it isn't "MasterCard® SecureCode™" enabled. I gave up at this point.

Finally, you can also buy the official guide of Alhambra for both iOS and Android.

Group visit

Are you interested in visiting the Alhambra with other fellow YAPCers? Please say below which day you're interested/have booked so that other people can contact and join you.

  • Sep 6th:
    • Wolfgang Pecho booked for 10:00