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Name   Mr. H.Merijn Brand (‎Tux‎)
City   Huizen
Country   Netherlands
Perl mongers group   Amsterdam.pm , perl6.pm
Company   PROCURA B.V.
Web page   http://tux.nl/
Perlmonks id   Tux
GPG key ID   0x3E5DC098
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I am an analyst/programmer since 1988 working for PROCURA B.V. in Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands, which has been very openminded to OpenSource.

I am specialized in data-analysis and -conversion, mainly with databases and data-connections as focus area.

Many know me for my work on the CSV data format with Perl. I wrote a fast, versatile and flexible CSV parser for Perl 5 and ported that to Perl 6.

In my daily work, I mainly use the Perl, C, and Java programming languages. My desktop is Linux (OpenSUSE with Plasma 5) on my workstations and my laptop. Next to Linux my daily work is also concentrated on commercial OS's like HP-UX.

On the internet I am widely known as "Tux".

My personal preferences can be viewed on http://tux.nl.
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