Welcome to YAPC::Europe 2014

We will open ticket sales by the end of February.

Ticket prices will be:

  • 60 Euro for students (proof of enrollment and/or other documentation required: scanned copy after registration and/or original at check in)
  • 80 Euro for early-bird registrations (the option will expire four months before the conference)
  • 100 Euro for standard registrations
  • 500, 1000 and 2000 Euro for business registrations
  • Sponsorship packages are available at 2000, 5000 and 9000 Euro

Attendees paying any of these fees will receive:

  • The ability to attend any talk during the main conference time (three days)
  • Coffee-breaks
  • A commemorative t-shirt and stickers with conference symbolics
  • A personal badge
Note: Attendees registered in the last two weeks before the conference, will not receive personal badge and it is possible that there will not be t-shirts for them.

Additional levels of fee for countries with lower standards:

To help promote Perl to local users from Bulgaria, Romania and Baltic states (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) and to allow more people to hear Perl stars, we will have additional levels of attendance fees:

  • 60 Euro for everyone(proof or citizenship required: scanned copy after registration and/or original at check in)
  • 35 Euro for students

Zero fee

Two categories of attendees may enter the conference free:

  • Speakers (except those who give lightning talk(s) only)
  • A person who brings the sponsor. To match this option the sponsorship must result in a donation of at least 300 Euro; every other 300 Euro allow additional free attendee this person may invite.
  • Person representing a sponsor. Every sponsor will have 2 attendee passes for free.

Buy your ticket here