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The Venue that we have selected is Inter Expo Center


We will be using three rooms for the conference:

  • Vitosha (320 seats)
  • Musala (150 seats)
  • Rodopi (100 seats)

Vitosha and Rodopi are located on the first (US: 2nd) floor, Musala on the second (US: 3rd) floor. Mnemonic for ordering by capacity: VaMpiRe.

Source: pages 8, 11, 29, 39 of image brochure (PDF, 14 MB)

When in the Venue

  • We provide a reception desk in the venue which will work all time during the conference, so that attendees can receive help when they need it.


  • We will bring table soccer and darts games.
  • We will serve coffee, tea and breakfast in the venue.

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