Welcome to YAPC::Europe 2014

YAPC::Europe is the biggest conference in Europe, dedicated to the Perl programming language.

The event takes place from Friday, August 22nd till Sunday, August 24th in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.
The Venue that we have selected is Inter Expo Center.
Accomodation is already arranged with two hotels, so please allow us one to two weeks time to update the information here on the site.

Attendee's checklist
  • Register
  • Confirm your attendance
  • Check agenda
  • See the venue
  • Check where who stays
  • Find and book a hotel
  • Buy a ticket
  • Final schedule to appear on 1st of August
Speaker's checklist
  • Submit a talk proposal as early as you can
  • Talk submission deadline is 1 July
  • Prepare your slides
  • Have got a question? Ask us
  • Wait until your talk is accepted (not later than 15 July)
  • See you talk in the schedule on 1 August or even earlier
  • Do not buy a ticket if the talk is accepted
  • Check if the date and time are convenient for you
On the day before the conference(21st of August), in the evening, we suggest attendees to join us in a pre-conference beer/food meeting.
Current candidate is Krivoto "Beer house" in the center of Sofia.
We ask conference attendees to indicate their desire to join the meeting, by adding the Pre-conference meeting talk to your schedule.

If there is a big interest we are prepared to move the meeting to a bigger bar (RockIt) which is big enough to serve up to 400 people.