Saturday Social

Post workshop: Monks Café (map available on site)
Sveavägen 39
111 34 Stockholm




'data nerd' t-shirt from New Relic

In order to get a 'data nerd' t-shirt you have to sign up with New Relic and try out their service, check it out.

Article in Dr. Dobbs on pragmatic development + poster

Some of us discussed practices/method Saturday evening, the poster mentioned in this article from Dr. Dobbs came up.

Book on pragmatic development + poster

In addition to the poster above another poster came up. The poster was from the book 'Ship It!'

Free DNSSEC course in Stockholm

Please note that Stiftelsen are giving a free OpenDNSSEC course on the 11-12. of October in Stockholm. The course is in English.

Practical information

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