Call for papers

To make a great workshop we need great talks! Here's what you need to know about submitting talks.


There is no theme really. Any subject is welcome as long as it's related to Perl somehow - from algorithms for social graphing and web-technologies to Perl5 core optimizations and language implementation targeting the Parrot VM.

Talk submissions on all aspects of Perl, and all versions of Perl, are welcome. As has been the case at previous Nordic Perl Workshops, we are also open to submissions about other technologies or development methodologies that may be of interest to Perl developers. For example, in the past this has included talks on Scrum, Smalltalk and academic research in dynamic languages.

Talk Durations

There are three options:

How To Submit

Create an account (or, if you have attended an Act-powered conference before, just log in to your existing account) and join the workshop. You will then be able to submit talks.

When To Submit

As soon as possible! For lightning talks, we will accept submissions even during the workshop, provided the sessions have not filled up. They can be a great way to respond to or comment on other talks that you have seen.

Speaker Benefits

Since this is a community event, we are not able to pay speakers for their talks. However, for 20 and 40 minute talks we will provide free entry to the event for speakers. You also get the fuzzy warm feeling inside that giving a talk brings.