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Advice from bulk 88: I suggest not taking commuter trains/electrichka (regional train), platforms are too desolete for safety, I used a big purple skybus to Vakzala central rail station, then walked from south rail terminal over the rail tracks to north rail terminal (north is a pretty 1930s/faux 19th century building), then to Vakzala metro. In Kiev, you always pay cash when you get on any rubber tired public transit. There is zero metro/diesel bus/electric bus fare integration unless you buy a commuter pass (I don't know how to do that). Also each rubber tired public transit ticket is unique to that route number, or I've heard unique to that driver. The city stopped paying diesel bus drivers, they all walked off the job and became gypsy bus drivers, eventually the gypsy diesel buses got legalized/auctioned/contracted off and there a no government diesel buses now. Electric buses has a bus conductor in vest+driver and use a validator, the validator is a pattern of dots, diesel buses are cash to driver, no bus conductor.

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