p5-mop hackathon goals (part 4 of 5)

11/07/12 10:50 by Stevan Little (‎stevan‎)

This is our fourth article in the ongoing series in which we discuss the goals for the p5-mop hackathon. In this article we will discuss our goals around integrating the new p5-mop with the existing p5 core.

Integration with Perl core

The ultimate goal of the p5-mop project is for it to become part of the perl5 core. The current plan is that the first version of the p5-mop will likely appear on CPAN as a standalone module, followed by inclusion in the perl 5 core distribution, also as a standalone module, and then eventually as a core feature of the language. This gradual and controlled approach will allow us to properly vet the model before inclusion in the core language, allowing us to avoid costly mistakes that might lead to backwards incompatability and long deprecation cycles.

A benefit of this approach is that we have a longer time in which to explore the exact details of how the MOP might be implemented in the core interpreter. One of the goals of the hackathon is to encourage discussions about this both online (via p5p) and in person. Of the current confirmed guests there are a number of core hackers as well as a number of experienced XS/C hackers and it is our hope that much progress can be made on this front.

As I mentioned in the previous article, unfortunately the deadline has passed for registration, but it is still possible to contribute virtually over IRC, etc. So if you are interested in participating and helping out, please consider joining us on the #p5-mop channel and the p5p mailing list during the hackathon.

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