Moving to Moose Hackathon 2012 - Transportation


If you're attending YAPC::EU 2012, we recommend the direct Lufthansa flight LH874 from Frankfurt (FRA) 1100 to Stavanger (SVG) 1250, on Saturday 25th August. We'll meet you at the airport, and arrange the rest of the transportation.

If you choose to use another flight, do ensure that it lands at Stavanger no later than 1405.

If we are not at the airport when you land, take the airport bus to the city centre terminal "Fiskepiren". The bus leaves the airport every half hour on 15 and 45 minutes past the hour (from 0915), and the trip to city centre terminal at Fiskepiren takes half an hour. The latest possible departure is 1545. Buy a return ticket (NOK 150 instead of a single ticket at NOK 100), as you will need it for the return. We'll refund the ticket price.

You may also use train (from Kristiansand and Oslo) or express boat from Haugesund and Bergen. Contact us, and we will help with the itinerary.

And in any case, please update the wiki with your travel information.

In Stavanger

The aiport bus city terminal is located at Fiskepiren. We'll meet at N.B. Sørensens dampskibsexpedition nearby (a 500m walk) at Skagen 26, for a pre-hackathon snack 1200-1600. If you are late, go directly to Fiskepiren and wait there.

You may want a Map of Stavanger (pdf).

We leave Fiskepiren on a ferry (to Tau) at 1700, transfer to bus 40 minutes later, and arrive at Preikestolen Mountain Lodge at 1805. We check in, and dinner is served shortly afterwards.

Dep. Fiskepiren (ferry)1400153017001830X1915*2000*2045*2130*2300*
Dep. Tau (bus)1440161017401910
Arr. Preikestolen M.L. 1505163518051950

You may proceed to Preikestolen Mountain Lodge on your own, and use the 1400 or 1530 ferry departures. Buy a return ticket ferry+bus from Tide in the ferry terminal. Hotel check in is from 15:00 onwards.

The 1830 departure (marked with an X) is operated by another bus company. Use this departure if you are late. Buy a return ticket for the boat, and a single ticket on the bus (as you will not return with this company). Note that you will miss dinner at the Lodge.

If you are even later than this, take the ferry to Tau (departures marked with a *), and we'll try to pick you up on arrival. Check-in closes at 2300.


We have three different departure times from the lodge, depending on how early your flight leaves Stavanger.

Dep. Preikestolen M.L. (bus) 0345X 0515X0715X091510451215
Dep. Tau (ferry) 0415 0545 0745 094511151245
Arr. Fiskepiren (ferry) 0455 0610 0810 102011501320
Dep. Fiskepiren (airport bus)0505 0625 0830 103012001330
Arr. airport 0535 0655 0900 110012301400

The departures marked with an X is by car, on demand only, and with very limited space. Let us know if you have to use one of these departures.

The airport bus leaves Fiskepiren on 00, 15, 30 and 45 minutes past the hour, so feel free to choose another departure if you want to spend some time in Stavanger. The official travel guide for the Stavanger region 2012 (pdf) may be of help.

There are luggage lockers in the railway station.

If you want to return to Franfurt, Lufthansa has the following direct flights on thursday 30th August:

If you want to travel elsewhere, consult this map of direct flight connections (pdf). Oslo, Amsterdam and Copenhagen are the cities with most frequent flights.

You should be at the airport at least one hour before departure.