Moving to Moose Hackathon 2012 - Location

Preiekstolen Mountain Lodge

The hackaton is held at Preikestolen Mountain Lodge conference hotel, near Stavanger, Norway. Stavanger is often called the oil capital of Norway.

Standard accomodation is in a shared room (2-3 people). We have some single rooms for our commercial guests. See the prices page for details.

If you have specific preferences for who to share a room with, get in touch with us.

Breakfast (5 days), lunch (4 days), and dinner (5 days) is included in the price.

The hike to Preikestolen

If the weather allows it, we'll arrange a hackathon session at the precipe itself!

The 8km hike to Preikestolen requires good shoes, preferably hiking shoes. As for weather, the Norwegian west coast is known for it's rainy summers. Dress appropriately. And bring a backpack for your laptop! :)