Moving to Moose Hackathon 2012 - Prices


We'll have three levels of signup fees:

Type3-bed room,
Twin room,
1-bed room
Invited (cabin)0 EUR120 EUR275 EUR
Community member (cabin)653 EUR782 EUR938 EUR
Community member (hotel)955 EUR1040 EUR1300 EUR
--Commercial (cabin)2500 EUR
--Commercial (hotel)2500 EUR

The cabin rooms are located in the same building as the main venue. This is where the action is. The cabin is the original lodge, meaning it's older and less fancy.

The hotel rooms have slightly higher standard, but are in another building than the hackathon itself. If you prefer to share rooms at the full price, please contact us directly.

What is included in the price?

Invited participants can also get up to 160 EUR (1200 NOK) of their flight expenses covered, and are legible for further travel support through the hackathon travel support budget. Please get in touch with us about these options.

We have a very limited amount of hotel rooms reserved for the hackathon, but while it's possible to organize your own stay there, we recommend you sign up through us so we can gather as many as we can in one place.

Signing up

To sign up, please log in (create a user if you have to) and sign up for the event. And finally make sure to buy your ticket (optionally using any promo codes). The registration process is the same as other Perl conferences, so we hope you're familiar with it! :)