p5-mop hackathon goals (part 3 of 5)

02/07/12 18:23 by Stevan Little (‎stevan‎)

This is our third article in the ongoing series in which we discuss the goals for the p5-mop hackathon. In this article we will discuss our goals around the POD documentation that accompanies the p5-mop proposal.

Improving the POD Documentation

Along with the p5-mop prototype, we have also put together some POD documentation that attempts to document and define the proposed MOP by splitting it up into three different aspects.

If you followed some of the links above you would have noticed that the documents are slim in some areas. This is one of the goals of the hackathon, to fill in some of the slimmer areas of the docs and try and capture the details that are missing in the others.

Unfortunately the deadline has passed for registration, however it is still possible to contribute virtually over IRC, etc. If you are interested in participating and helping out, but cannot make it to Preikestolen, please consider joining us on the #p5-mop channel during the hackathon.

Tags: perl p5-mop moose hackathon preikestolen pod documentation