Don't Do That: Code Interface Mistakes to Avoid

By Smylers from
Date: Saturday, 12 December 2015 12:00
Duration: 20 minutes
Target audience: Any
Language: English

A lousy interface on your module irritates users, and could scare off some entirely. It doesn't matter how lovely your class, method, or function is internally — how users invoke it and get data back from it is what will affect them most, whether you're writing a module for Cpan or internal library routines for colleagues.

Smylers presents a collection of avoidable interface infelicities encountered in the wild, in the hope that we can all agree to never ever repeat them ever again in software we write. Ever.

Attended by: Gianni Ceccarelli (‎dakkar‎), Aaron Crane (‎arc‎), Dave Cross (‎davorg‎), Smylers, Max Maischein (‎Corion‎), Søren Lund (‎slu‎), Wolfgang Schemmel (‎Perleone‎), Lukas Mai (‎mauke‎), Rosellyne Worrall (‎rozallin‎), Lance Wicks, Michael Jemmeson (‎michael‎), Filippo Biondi (‎fedelippo‎), Colin Bradford (‎cjbradford‎), Michael Gray, Neil Bowers (‎NEILB‎), Iain Campbell, Merlyn Kline, Kaitlyn Parkhurst (‎SymKat‎), Pete Houston, Theo van Hoesel (‎vanHoesel‎), vytas, Umair Dojki, Lee Johnson, Daniel Mita (‎Dango‎), Soydaner Ulker, David Potttage, John Imrie, Dimosthenis-Andreas Kyriakidis-Karakolis (‎Specchio‎), Kirk Gibson, Yiannis Belias,



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