Call for Papers Ends on Friday

16/10/12 20:47 by Mark Keating (‎mdk‎)

The official end date for the Call for Papers of the London Perl Workshop 2012 will be midnight on Friday 19th October, 2012. That is just 3 short days away.

That's correct, you have just 72 hours to complete the form and submit a talk, or lightning talk for the event. We really recommend that if you want to do a Lightning Talk you use the form as well as there will be very limited time on the day to add in any extra talks.

We are also still looking for people to run introductory, or how to, courses for our workshops. We would particularly like to see workshops on one of the web frameworks or larger Perl project. There are a number of projects to choose from, some of our favourites are: Catalyst - Mojolicious - DBIx::Class - Dancer - Plack - Carton - Template::Toolkit - or you can choose your own.

As always if you have an idea then talk to mark and he is sure to help you.




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