A conference like the London Perl Workshop which offers a great community event at no cost to its attendees is reliant on sponsorship. Each year it is a pleasure to welcome back a fantastic group of sponsors and to welcome new faces to our event.

If you would like to consider joining the list of sponsors below then please contact Mark at your earliest convenience. For all of those who visit the event or support the London perl Workshop please consider visiting our sponsors and if you meet them in person thank them for their continued efforts to support our community and its projects and events.


AntibodyMX provides a hosted antispam and antivirus email filtering service based entirely on a proven open source platform. Perl being one very important component. Users of the platform see a near-instant, near-total reduction in the amount of spam, phishing and malware content arriving at the mail server. AntibodyMX also provides onsite mail filtering, white-label filtering solutions to ISPs and will soon be launching CellMX, a filtering service for remote ando mobile workers. antibodyMX
We are looking for top talent! Are you a great Perl programmer, or willing to learn Perl, and would you like to be challenged?

Join the international and dynamic Booking.com team in our Headquarters in Amsterdam!

Booking.com is a large Perl shop with some of the greatest developers and as a company we sponsor almost all Perl events around the globe to support the Perl community.

We offer an extensive relocation package, we take care of your visa and book the trip for you (and for your spouse, if applicable).

For more information go to http://bit.ly/BookingDevPerl and http://www.facebook.com/bookingcomcareers

If you have any questions, please contact our IT Recruiter Ingrid at ingrid.eigenraam@booking.com

We are looking forward to receive your application!
Bytemark Hosting has been the "geek hosting outfit of choice" for UK hosting since 2002, because it's run by a programmer (Matthew Bloch) and network engineer (Peter Taphouse) They have built it from scratch with a goal of technical excellence, writing most of their own software and tools to run the business exactly the way they want. With a staff of software engineers, they are continuing on that trajectory. Their hosting spans £15 per month servers to multi-site managed projects with high uptime guarantees.

Bytemark have two large hosting spaces in Manchester linked by £250,000 of core networking equipment, links down to London, and around ten gigabit connections. This is overprovisioned compared to similarly-sized hosts, but with a goal of being robust in the face of random disconnections or abuse.

Bytemark run a comprehensive managed hosting service, and have host for big national brands like ASDA & Bostik, government departments such as the Department of Health and Central Office of Information, and hi-tech businesses such as travel site dopplr.com and Britain's largest mystery shopping company, Retail Eyes. They also have loan comparison companies, property search sites, car hire companies and thousands of smaller web developers who trust their clients to Bytemark's solid infrastructure and understanding of their software.
:Bytemark Hosting
The year, 2001. The dream, to redefine recruitment. The reason, because three experienced, talented men decided that the industry was in need of a fresh approach, that recruitment could be improved upon, whilst adding a cheeky smile to the process. And so in that turbulent year, Eligo was born.

We live and breathe our market. In fact we like to think we are as passionate about the sector as those who work within it. Our Technical consultants offer a wealth of experience and have lasting connections across the industry.

Because we understand the market shifts, history and challenges, you will benefit from our honest and accurate advice on candidate availability, salary surveys and competitor information. You can be assured that we will present you with the most suitable, talented candidates, not just those who are active in the job market. We take great pride in this level of service. It’s what makes us unique and gives us our advantage.

In 2010 over 80% of our vacancies came from customers that had previously worked with Eligo.

We think this speaks volumes.
Of our over 180 employees in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, over 30 are full-time Perl coders that have in-depth experience developing Perl – using a wide range of frameworks. These technologies include mod_perl, Mason, Catalyst, Moose, DBIx::Class and Class::DBI with MySQL or PostgreSQL all architected in a high availability and scalable model with the best practices one would expect.

Evozon also supports Perl by sponsoring and participating in YAPC Europe, London Perl Workshop and some contributions to CPAN. Evozon is also actively involved in the development of the Perl Community here in Cluj. We were the organizers of the first Cluj Perl Mongers technical meeting. It was an important step in creating a strong local Perl Mongers community.
Exonetric provides a specialist business-grade hosting service with the capacity to manage dozens of servers on a customer's behalf, sited in a first-class data centre and on a first-class network. Alongside this, we provide a unique FreeBSD jail-based hosting service, now offering FreeBSD jails with 1TB of online storage for 30GBP/month+VAT. We provide consulting for individual projects and reliable hosting services. We provide software development for Internet-facing infrastructure, general purpose Sysadmin skills for in-house projects or for systems outside the Exonetric network. Exonetric also gladly provides support for a variety of Open Source projects. Exonetric
Magnum Solutions are a Perl training and consultancy business based in London. Magnum have run free training courses for the London Perl Workshop for many years and are very happy to be doing so again this year. Magnum have been providing both in-house and public training courses since 2000 and Magnum's owner, Dave Cross, has been well known in the Perl community for even longer. Magnum's web site at Learn Perl provides full details of the training services they offer. Magnum Solutions
Motortrak is a digital retail marketing agency operating exclusively in the automotive sector. For over 15 years we have helped leading automotive brands and their world-wide dealer networks understand and leverage the ever changing world of digital communications.

Motortrak can provide the complete digital retail ecosystem. We offer a wide range of highly customisable online marketing services and applications ranging from inventory management systems and B2B remarketing platforms to B2C services including dealer websites, vehicle locators, POS materials, eshops and mobile solutions.

In addition to our product portfolio we offer a number of supporting services including custom application development, digital design and consultancy

Perl plays a critical role in Motortrak’s technology infrastructure.

The frontend systems utilise a variety of technologies including PHP, Javascript, Jquery, HTML 5 as well as Perl. The backend systems are solidly Perl and Oracle on Linux.

Perl scripts are the backbone of the myriad of feeds which transfer critical vehicle information to and from dealers and media companies across three continents.

We have also successfully deployed major customer-facing systems which utilise Catalyst, DBIx::Class, Moose and Template::Toolkit.
Nestoria is a vertical search engine for property that operates in eight countries across Europe, Asia, South America and Australia. Our focus is providing the best search experience for house hunters.

We use Perl for pretty much everything: our ETL systems, image thumbnail creation, geocoding (internally and with public APIs), internationalization, natural language processing, distributed data processing, and of course the website itself.

We also love Perl because it's so easy to teach. Our internship program brings on university students or recent graduates from around the world to work with us for 3 to 18 months - helping train the next generation of Perl programmers.

If you're interested in joining our team we are currently looking for a mid-level Perl developer who could become the CTO's right-hand man (or woman) and help to bring experience a team of highly talented junior developers then please check out the ad.
The NET-A-PORTER GROUP, founded in 2000 with the launch of NET-A-PORTER.COM, the world's premier women's luxury fashion online retailer is now a group of e-commerce brands including THEOUTNET.COM, the most fashionable fashion outlet, and MRPORTER.COM, the men's style destination.

With over 2,000 employees operating from 3 continents, the NET-A-PORTER GROUP of brands currently reaches over 6.5 million unique users in the global luxury fashion space, serves over 500,000 active shoppers and is gaining on average over 25,000 new customers worldwide each month.

What we have to offer is unique; our development teams are truly Agile and embedded within the business; our engineers enjoy a close relationship with our product owners and users and make a real difference in a fast-paced pure-play retail environment.

Our leading edge infrastructure allows us to deliver value to our business every iteration, which means you will immediately be able to contribute and make an positive impact to our business.

Our success means we are looking for the best software developers to take our platform and product forward. In return you will be exposed to the latest technologies, frameworks & methodologies in application development
Founded in January 2000, OpusVL have established themselves as one of the UK's leading business systems, ICT and Open Source specialists providing best of breed, strategic and bespoke solutions. The company's key strength is its straightforward approach, which is achieved by following a simple, yet effective method for every project: advice, implement, support, using an agile approach coupled with innovation as the cornerstone of every project. http://www.opusvl.com/
The PetaMem Group stands for substantial competence in human language technologies, namely natural language processing and natural language understanding. Our systems cover all areas from language identification over machine translation to discourse systems (virtual agents) and are used worldwide by top-profile corporations as well as governmental institutions.

We consider Perl not just a programming language. For us, it is the key technology responsible for the performance and success of our systems. Designed by a linguist and applied in computational linguistics, Perl allows us to declass those competitors who are not using it.
Shadowcat Systems is a developer, sponsor of, and contributor to open source software projects including Catalyst, the elegant web framework, and DBIx::Class, an object-orientated database abstraction library. Shadowcat provides consultancy, training and support for these projects; systems management and automation; the design and implementation of network architecture; the development of proprietary and open source custom web applications; and offers Perl refactoring and project crisis management.

Shadowcat Systems are based in the United Kingdom but we deliver solutions to a global community of clients via onsite supervision along with traditional and internet based communications.
      Systems Limited


The Enlightened Perl Organisation is dedicated to the promotion of Perl (in particular Raptor Perl or Perl 5) as a production language that is suited to an enterprise environment. The EPO will be providing banking and organisation facilities for the L ondon Perl Workshop for the third year running. Enlightened Perl Organi
Like last year we are graciously being hosted by Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) at the University of Westminster. We cannot exagerate how grateful we are for their support of Perl and Open Source in London.





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