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What to do before, during and after the conference

Trip to the Rila Monastery

The meeting point tomorrow (25 Aug) is in front of the Inter Expo Center (the place where YAPC::EU has been hold) at 10:00. Please, don't be late.
For contacts: 00359 89 881 94 58, Zlatina (she will be with you). My phone is 00359 89 856 44 10, contact me if you need any help, although I will not be at the meeting place.

Eat and Drink in Sofia

General information

Monday Tourism in the City

11 AM near the main metro station where the lines cross we will start with the free tour. It should run somewhere between 1:20 and 2 hours. Then we will hit a museum or something and find some food. Then later in the day we will join up with the hackathon crowd.


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