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I have made a list of restaurants that I can personally suggest to everyone visiting Sofia.

Closer to the center:
* Restaurant Monastery Magernitsa
* Under the Linden

* Restaurant Bulgari,71, Kniaz Al. Dondukov Blv., Sofia 1504, Bulgaria - I ate there and it was very good Bulgarian food - Steve Mynott

On the outskirts of Sofia:
* Restaurant Lebed
* Restaurant Vodenitzata
* Restaurant Djorevata House
* Restaurant Tavan(Rooftop)

* Rock'n'Rolla
* RockIt

Everyone that was at any point a student in Sofia have lived in a dorm in the Student City district. This is the place for those of you that fancy the night life. Bars, discos and a lot of young people.

Soon we will publish map of these places and a few more places.


Personally tested: Vegan Kitsch. Cheap, good food, but the place is really small. It's not really a restaurant, but you can get a soup, a salad with cereals, cakes, etc.

Recommended by the Vegan Kitsch's cooker: Dream House

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