Welcome to YAPC::Europe 2014

YAPC::Europe is the biggest conference in Europe, dedicated to the Perl programming language.

The event takes place from Friday, August 22nd till Sunday, August 24th in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.
The Venue that we have selected is Inter Expo Center.

Latest News

24/10/14 All conference videos available on YouTube!

All of the videos from the conference have now been uploaded to the YAPCEU 2014 YouTube page

That's over 35 new videos from Vitosha hall for your viewing pleasure.

Hearty thanks to all the Sofia video team: Guru, Krokodilerian, ignisf, and all the volunteers who helped man the video desk, pan cameras, help speakers with A/V setup, or manage the communication in the halls. From a back-of-the-envelope calculation, the work to produce these videos from setup, staffing, clearup, editing, and upload comes to upwards of 80 man-hours of work!

30/08/14 First batch of videos available

Thanks to Krokodilerian, Guru, ignisf, and everyone who volunteered to help with the video recording, the first batch of videos (all talks from Musala and Rodopi) are now up:

Please help promote this by commenting/liking/etc. the videos and the reddit thread!

NB: talks from the main room Vitosha will take a little longer, as they had a much more complicated setup. We'll post here and on twitter as soon as they're ready!

Older announcements

Attendee's checklist Speaker's checklist
  • Submit a talk proposal as early as you can
  • We still have a few slots left, hurry up and propose your talk.
  • Prepare your slides
  • Have got a question? Ask us
  • See your talk in the schedule on 1 August
  • Do not buy a ticket if the talk is accepted
  • Check if the date and time are convenient for you
On the day before the conference(21st of August), in the evening, we suggest attendees to join us in a pre-conference beer/food meeting.
We will be meeting at Krivoto "Beer house" in the center of Sofia.
We ask conference attendees to indicate their desire to join the meeting, by adding your name to this poll.