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The hotels that we have arranged for the attendees are:

See WhoStaysWhere.

For reservations in Metropolitan Hotel Sofia, you need to send them an e-mail, mentioning that you will be attending YAPC::Europe 2014, this way they will know that room prices should include discounts.

For Hotel Expo, as with Metropolitan you have to send them an e-mail mentioning that you will be attending YAPC::Europe 2014. Hotel Expo includes breakfast for everyone, however we will have traditional Bulgarian Banitsa with Boza

Both hotels will have discounted prices for conference attendees.

In Bulgaria it is common for the hotels to have free Internet access although there are some that require payment.

You can find a very good (at least 3 star) hotel for around 100 EUR for three nights.

Usually in August there are no other event organized in Sofia, since most of the people are going to the sea side or the mountains.

Please allow us a few days to update the information about how the discount will be provided.

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