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All conference videos available on YouTube!

24/10/14 12:25 by osfameron

All of the videos from the conference have now been uploaded to the YAPCEU 2014 YouTube page

That's over 35 new videos from Vitosha hall for your viewing pleasure.

Hearty thanks to all the Sofia video team: Guru, Krokodilerian, ignisf, and all the volunteers who helped man the video desk, pan cameras, help speakers with A/V setup, or manage the communication in the halls. From a back-of-the-envelope calculation, the work to produce these videos from setup, staffing, clearup, editing, and upload comes to upwards of 80 man-hours of work!

First batch of videos available

30/08/14 18:05 by osfameron

Thanks to Krokodilerian, Guru, ignisf, and everyone who volunteered to help with the video recording, the first batch of videos (all talks from Musala and Rodopi) are now up:

Please help promote this by commenting/liking/etc. the videos and the reddit thread!

NB: talks from the main room Vitosha will take a little longer, as they had a much more complicated setup. We'll post here and on twitter as soon as they're ready!

Lost laptop

25/08/14 10:14 by Marian Marinov (‎HackMan‎)

Guys, we have lost one of the conference laptops. A metallic Asus Zenbook. If anyone have found it. Please contact me.

Help us make next year better! Conference survey

24/08/14 05:19 by osfameron

Loved YAPC::EU::2014? Hated it? Perhaps the conference would have been perfect if only we'd done X? What was your favourite talk? Could some talks have been improved?

You should have received an email from Barbie with an invitation to fill The YAPC::Europe 2014 Survey:

As an attendee of YAPC::Europe 2014, we would like to invite you to participate in the online conference surveys. Whether you are an attendee, speaker or sponsor, we would like to get your feedback regarding any talks and tutorials you attend, as well as the conference itself, with the aim of helping to improve the conference experience for future attendees.

Please shout at the organisers or email barbie@missbarbell.co.uk if you have any problems filling this, or did not receive an email with your keycode!

The surveys are already open! (You can fill in for all talks which have completed).

YAPC::EU 2014 action needed!

17/08/14 12:55 by osfameron

As the conference date approaches, Marian has emailed everybody with some last-minute information and requested actions. If you've signed up, please check your inboxes! Or read this item:

My name is Marian and as the organizer of YAPC::EU 2014 I have to ask you for some help :)


First of all, please log into your accounts on the YAPC::EU page and choose your t-shirt size.

Food requirements

Second, for everyone that eats vegetarian/vegan food, please type your nick or name(from the YAPC site) here.

Tourist trips for attendees, friends, and families

For the trips, the company needs to know the expected people that want to go to any of the trips.

So do sign up if you or your significant other want to go to any of the trips:

Last minute tickets

About last minute tickets. You can pay your entrance fee at the registration desk, but:

  • I can not give you an invoice or receipt
  • I can not guarantee that we will have change to give back
  • If you have done a last minute bank transfer to OpenProjects Foundation or YEF, bring the bank documents with you.

Student tickets

For everyone that have tickets that require student card or nationality, please bring your documents with you.

Travel paper stamps

At the registration desk we will have a stamp for everyone that needs a stamp on their travel papers.

Volunteers needed!

Also, I need help, I need volunteers for heralding in the halls, manning the cameras and helping at the registration desk.

Beer meeting

The email also asked you to sign up to the pre-conference beer meeting. Apparently ACT won't let you do that. Don't worry - we'll try to fix that, and send more information about the meeting soon!

Any other questions

Check out how to keep informed and get in touch if you have any questions!

Attendees Meet and Greet

12/08/14 12:55 by osfameron

We know that as well as hearing great talks many people attend YAPC so that they can meet others who contribute to Perl, whom they may never have met in person before, and to socialise with members of the Perl community.

This year we will be starting the conference with a meet and greet session. We want everyone to get the most out of their time at YAPC and we are hoping that by setting time aside specifically so that people can introduce themselves to people they don't know that our conference will get off to a fantastic start.

Looking forward to speaking to you soon!

Our keynote speakers

03/08/14 00:45 by osfameron

Here are some details on our keynote speakers, who will close off each day of the conference in the main auditorium. Rather than technical talks on a specific part of Perl technology, these keynotes deal with major themes in Perl and the art of programming. We're delighted to present three of the major figures of Perl in Europe at YAPC::EU::2014.

Day 1. Curtis Poe (Ovid) You're Killing Managers (Keep It Up)

This isn't a talk about Perl; it's a talk about how we're changing the world and how the world is sitting up and noticing.

Ovid will cover the gamut of human civilisation from hunter/gatherer tribes to Valve software in a fascinating call to arms about hierarchies and innovation.

Day 2. Matt Trout (mst) State of the Velociraptor

"What shall we do tonight, mst?"
"Same thing we do every night: Try to conquer the world"

Your yearly breakneck survey of the Perl community, language and culture. Heartwarming, earthy, loud.

Day 3. Sawyer X The Joy In What We Do

This is the joy in what we do

Sawyer presents a journey through consciousness and reality itself via puzzles, the craft of programming, and flathunting. Unmissable.

Birds of a Feather (BoF) Meetings

29/07/14 14:51 by osfameron

Birds of a feather... flock together.

YAPC::EU is a great place to meet face to face with others in the community that share your interests, even non-Perl ones. To make it easier for you organise these informal gatherings - known as BoFs - we have created a page on the wiki.

Fancy getting together to watch the premier of the new season of Dr Who, going for a run, or discussing the future of Act (A Conference Toolkit? Then sign-up now!

If none of the current BoFs interest you then please feel free to make your own suggestions for a meet-up on the wiki and help us make the conference even better.

YAPC Conference Schedule is Announced!

24/07/14 12:39 by osfameron

We are very proud and delighted to announce the conference schedule!


We've tried our hardest to balance the wealth of topics that our lovely speakers have proposed. But please let us know any issues with scheduling, as we will be fine-tuning this over the next weeks.

Length of talks

18/07/14 10:00 by osfameron

If you've submitted a talk and had it accepted, please check on the conference website for your talk (there is a link via your personal page) to see what time slot it will be! In some cases, we have had to change the time you suggested. All talks will be either:

20 minute slots

Most talks will be 20 minutes. This is a great length to introduce a subject, without getting bogged down in too much detail.

50 minute slots

Some topics need more time to really go into them in detail. If you requested a 40 or 60 minute talk, then you will have a 50 minute time slot. DON'T PANIC if your talk is only 40 minutes! You will simply have more time for questions, discussion, or a coffee break afterwards.

Lightning Talks (1 hour slot)

The lightning talks are each 5 minutes long.

Keeping informed

17/07/14 20:40 by osfameron

As YAPC::EU draws closer, here are some ways to stay informed about the latest news and views about the conference, talks, venue, and city:

* all major news items will be announced here

* we are tweeting as @yapceu

* we will be blogging news, but also information about speakers, and nuggets of useful information at Blogs.perl.org

* All registered attendees should shortly be added to a mailing list for important anouncements

* See what other attendees are discussing on our Wiki and help edit it.

* ... and if you still can't find the information you need, then Contact us!

First talks accepted... but still room for a few good talks!

17/07/14 11:45 by osfameron

We're very happy to announce a fantastic selection of talks: Perl in industry and the media, web frameworks new and old, new syntax, the Perl job market, and of course, the latest on Perl 6!

If you are now kicking yourself for not submitting a talk, fear not AND SUBMIT!

We are juggling the schedule at http://act.yapc.eu/ye2014/wiki?node=Schedule and will release the timetable over the next weeks. We will do our best to squeeze in some more speakers, and having extra talks really helps us plan!

* we'd love to see more talks from new speakers! (20 minute or 5 min lighting talks are best)

* (and of course we always love talks from veteran speakers)

* YAPC::EU is an inclusive conference (race, gender, sexuality, ability, faith, etc.) We're already delighted to have a good selection of talks by female speakers, for example, but We Can Do Better, so please help us by submitting a talk!


If you have submitted any talks, you should have received an email from us listing which ones have been accepted. Please click your confirmation that you will give the talk as soon as possible!


Please look at the list and STAR all the talks you're most interested in. This will help us allocate talks to appropriately sized rooms!

The YAPC::EU 2014 Sofia programme committee

Submitted talks

23/05/14 10:32 by Marian Marinov (‎HackMan‎)

You can see the currently submitted talks here.

And the link is also added in the Wiki.