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Best Practices for Managing Episodic Volunteering

by Ann Barcomb (‎kudra‎) (

Best Practices for Managing Episodic Volunteering aimed at Any and is held in English. This talk starts on 2020-03-04 at 15:40 for 20 minutes. It takes place at the Room 1 united-domains.

Episodic contributors, identified by their infrequent and sometimes unpredictable contributions, are a reality in free/libre and open source software projects. Although episodic contributors can be more complicated to incorporate than habitual contributors, they can benefit a project by introducing new ideas, spreading word about the project, and implementing new features. In this talk I will discuss best practices for managing episodic volunteers, based on a Delphi study of community managers from a range of free/libre/open source software projects.

Tags: episodic freesoftware opensource volunteering volunteermanagement

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