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Ticket Prices

Business Ticket 250 EUR *
Standard Ticket (Private) 70 EUR *
Students, Trainees 50 EUR *
Contact us in order to receive the student promotion code.
Organizers, Speakers 40 EUR *
Contact us in order to receive the promotion code for speakers.
Social Event - Dinner for guests that are not registered for the workshop 35 EUR * per guest
Sketchnote set for Sketchnote workshop (Wednesday afternoon) with: ScetchOne Marker 0.5, Neuland FineOne 101, Neuland FineOne 303, mySketchbook 13 EUR *
Edwin Aures will guide you through the Places are limited to a maximum of 20 people. 1 EUR *
ticket for public transportation

* prices for tickets contain no VAT (┬ž4 22a UStG)