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Hotels near the city

In case of Erlangen is fully booked:



Erlangen is in the North of Nuremberg. There is a S1 train connection from Nuremberg to Erlangen, Forchheim and Bamberg. All 3 cities are worth to see.

In Erlangen the Steinbach brewery is known for fresh and tasty beer. It is north of town center, you can walk.

From Forchheim is a train connection to Ebermannstadt. Go out of the train in Wiesenthau. Work up to the mountain Walberla and enjoy the view to Franconian Switzerland. Work back to Wiesenthau and go back by train to Forchheim. Neder brewery is one of the small ones in Forchheim. It is worth to have a beer there. There is no tapping plant in the restaurant, beer is tapped directly from the barrel. From there have a view into the old town centre with big defence wall around.

Bamberg has a nice and very old town centre and it is a centre of the catholic church here in Franconia. Bamberg has lots of small breweries.