Perl Community Backchannels Session

50 minutes



The Perl Community is fortunate to have a strong foundation of volunteers for organizing events. We're called "The Perl Mongers", and you can find us all over the world.

But those of us who have organized things may have realized that it isn't as easy as one might wish. Everyone seems to learn the same things the hard way, again and again.

Let's make it easier!

When Making Stuff Happen, it helps to know and use the right backchannels, knowing who to contact and who can help you succeed. What documentation is there, and do we have any tools to help us?

Salve J. Nilsen intends to offer a list of useful resources, people and websites, and then open up the discussion – What can we do to make it easier for ourselves to organize cool stuff – without risking burning anyone out? Come and share your thoughts and ideas

This session is for everyone who wants to improve the Perl community and won't mind rolling up their sleeves. If we have the time, let's make some pull requests too!

Salve J. Nilsen is one of the original organizers of Oslo Perl Mongers, and after 10+ years of organizing he seems to talk more about community and organization and stuff than code. He doesn't mind that much, though. :)